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We know you secretly dream of going off the grid. Why give up the chance to watch videos and listen to stories? Remind yourself all day long about how wonderful you are, can be and will be?  You can even take Spiritual Fitness on the Go out into a corn field. How cool is that?

Yoga - Meditation On Lotus Background

Come do a class of yoga, listen to a guided-meditation, learn something from an inspired speaker, read a daily lesson, read or watch or listen to a LISAonthego blog. Today, right now. On your schedule, on your time. With your friends, family or alone, in the car, in the park, in the office or in the dark. Whatever makes you happy. Video-on-demand, video online,, click the instructor or the name and the video logs on for you. Now, today, tonight, in middle of the night, early morning. Its on your time. Learn about you and empower you today!


Time is An Illusion

Well, time can disappear before you know it, right?

Make every minute a joyful one. Practice yoga whenever you get a little bit of time. (We know you will want to make more time for it.) Expert yoga instruction is just one of the many benefits of joining. Access to a variety of empowering tools any time is awesome.

Spiritual Fitness On The Go, videos on demand


Yoga Classes - 24/7 - To feel your best every day

Kimberly Monks

Kimberly Monks

Power Yoga Flow - ADVANCED

Couples/Partners/Friends Yoga

Nedra Yoga

Colin Flegeal - Couples/Partners/Friends Yoga

Colin Flegeal

Couples/Partners/Friends Yoga
Kate Curran

Kate Curran

Chair and Office Chair Yoga

Sun Salutation

Back Exercises

Tobie Szelagowski

Tobie Szelagowski

Coming Soon
Betsy Thomson

Betsy Thomson

Audio Yoga

Children's Chant

Suzanne Liggett

Suzanne Liggett

Coming Soon

Yoga | Meditation | Inspiration | Awakening

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Featured videos are for free. Right now come do a Class,YOGA, INSPIRATIONAL TALKS & MEDITATIONS


 Kate CurranChair Yoga, Benefits - Good alignment, increasing circulation, eliminating toxins, improving digestion, enhancing breathing, aiding sleep, easing depression, calming etc.

 Colin Flegeal & Kimberly Monks- Fun and exciting way to connect and deepen your relationship. True enlightenment comes when we learn to live in harmony with others. Participants will be guided though simple meditative exercises. Series of deeply relaxing yoga and movement assists with yoga massage techniques, and guided bodywork.

What is friends/partners/couples Yoga?

 Conscious Couples/Partners/Friends Yoga

Guided Meditation

Beth Brotz – Letting Go of What You Don’t Need #2, Description - This meditation teaches the listener how to release difficult, negative thoughts, beliefs and emotions.

Dianne Hawthorne – Suitcase Guided Meditation, A journey through releasing emotional baggage.

Inspired Speakers

Kalie Marino, Critical Addiction - Our #1 Social Disease, Critical addiction, a social disease we catch from others, is the underlying cause of all addictions and most social problems. Yet it sweeps our world unnoticed—creating an epidemic of immense proportion and leaving chaos in its wake.

Edie Weinstein, It’s All About Relationships. We are relational beings, born into families and growing up in communities. The ways in which we understand ourselves and the others who surround us throughout our lives, allows us to live happier, healthier and more satisfying and productive lives. This presentation will offer insights into the ways we can enhance every relationship, beginning with the woman or man in the mirror. ‎

Why I am proud to be a B*itch, B*itch = being in total control herself

Spiritual Fitness On The Go, videos on demand, Yoga, Guided-Meditation, Inspired Speakers, ACIM, LISAonthego Blogs

Meditation On The Go

Guided Meditation - Ease your thoughts, Go within and Learn about you

Colin Flegeal - Insightful Meditation

Colin Flegeal

Insightful Meditation

Dianne Hawthorne - Healing Meditation

Dianne Hawthorne

Healing Meditation

Beth Brotz - Breath

Beth Brotz


Inspired Speakers On The Go

Inspired Speakers - Here are some of the talks on the website

Its all about relationships, Why I am proud to be a B*itch, Vulnerability: How to be Real, What is Spirituality, The Energy of Consciousness, talk about the book “Breaking Free from Critical Addiction our #1 Social Disease”, Unlocking Cellular Memory, Path to Heal, What Energy are you? Food and Symptoms?  

Edie Weinstein - Opti-Mystical

Edie Weinstein


Colleen Paraboschi - Cosmic Language of Light Institute

Colleen Paraboschi

Cosmic Language of Light Institute

Kalie Marino - Open Heart Resources

Kalie Marino

Open Heart Resources

Jana Schneider - Feng Shui

Jana Schneider

Feng Shui

Marion McGowen - Transcending Paradigms (Life Changing)

Marion McGowen

Transcending Paradigms (Life Changing)

Arnold Kaufman - Arnold's Way

Arnold Kaufman

Arnold's Way

Joanna Chodorowska - Nutritionist & Path to Heal

Joanna Chodorowska

Nutritionist & Path to Heal

Awakening On The Go -

A Course In Miracles

The Foundation to Inner Peace - A lesson day with Britney Shawls. Britney is awesome, informative, detailed and fun. Come start today.

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