Are you willing to Change?

Are you willing to Change? LISAonthego says yes, do you want too? Do you want to change what you know? Sometimes. As we live longer and get to know ourselves better, change is inevitable. What is the point in learning, knowing and understanding if you are not willing to change? LOL, we could all say we are willing to change, however, when you get down to it, it doesn’t happen, we find excuses etc. LISAonthego feels it has to do with familiarity of what we know, its been working thus far for us, it is to much effort (subconsciously) and yes the ego talks to us again and again that we are comfortable in the pattern we know. Then life happens again and another situation occurs again from another angle and yes we know we need to change and we go through the cycle again. We tend to resist change even when we know it is or may be better for us. Resistance is persistence until we take an action. As the Langleygroup states below its difficult to change however willpower makes the difference. So yes, change can happen LISAonthego agrees with willpower, attitude, a great support system and feels you must act for a change to occur. What would you like to work on changing?

Here are the key points that resonated with LISAonthego below and here is a link to the article for more information.

Changing a habit or embedding a new behaviour takes effort and focussed attention. This can feel physiologically uncomfortable and quite literally painful to over-ride habits. Its no wonder people often avoid change or find it hard to maintain commitment. Under pressure, tired or distracted our pre-frontal cortex can’t keep us focused and we relapse to earlier behaviours and habits.

 Willpower, focussed attention and mindful action can be used to push through resistance and rewire habitual patterns. This process of intentionally changing our brain circuits is called ‘self-directed neuroplasticity’. It is not enough to practice every so often. We need to pay attention repeatedly to new actions and insights over a period of time until they become part of how we operate and see ourselves. Creating rituals to embed new behaviours into daily life can be key. Reinforcing positive change with support and immediate feedback from others—a buddy, leader or coach—will help tap our reward systems and associate new behaviours with positive emotions and learning. It also helps if we find ways to make changing our new habits interesting and fun.

LISAonthego understand and accepts what the Langleygroup has said and will try putting it to use. Willpower although takes energy she will use her positive attitude to help reinforce the changes she wishes to implement, also asking someone to be her guide/coach and take an action to put in motion. Will you be her guide/coach? Lets help each other. Have a great day, Love, Laughter & Peace LISAonthegoaction changes things



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