Are you your authentic self?

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We have many influences in our lives. As a child LISAonthego was influenced by authority figures and would act accordingly for many years. She was not her authentic self and went along with the flow. Guess what, this doesn’t work well.

Getting to know your Authentic Self is process.

It takes time. As we gain more life experience and the rollercoaster of ups and downs is when we learn about ourselves. LISAonthego has been on many rollercoaster rides and this impacted her life. The time came when she would listen to others and be angry with herself for not doing what resonated with her.

How do you get to know you and do what resonates for you? Many of the tools, activities and talks are on The following is some of the things LISAonthego did to become who she is today.




Motto –  When LISAonthego does what others wants she gets angry with herself and others are happy; When LISAonthego does what she wants she is at peace and others are angry with her. Lesson Learned: Others don’t stay angry and get over it

  1. Life could be so busy and overwhelming that there is little time for us. The first weekend     LISAonthego spent alone was an eye opener and now this has been life every other weekend. Who am I? What do I want? This was the beginning of learning about LISAonthego. She was scared, nervous and curious what does she do with this time? That first weekend:
  2. LISAonthego watched television, learned the shows and movies she enjoyed.
  3. Read
  4. Food shopping and cooked for herself what she wanted
  5. Called friends
  6. Played the game what is my favorite? (to learn about herself) Food, clothes, friends, activities etc.
  7. Read the A Course in Miracles lessons each night and attended group
  8. Had a therapist that LISAonthego trusted and listened to. By the way a huge impact in her life she was awesome in teaching her about LISAonthego
  9. Ces ultra – Helped LISAonthego in many ways and she still does the CES- Ultra every night (9 years later) website lists all the benefits
  10. Learning to speak the truth from her heart, not what others wanted her to say or do. Yes LISAonthego speaks from her heart, as she perceives the truth to be for her.
  11. EFT tapping -  eft-emotional-freedom-technique

Being your authentic self is not easy others resist and let you know it. You know when you are speaking your truth when you feel the peace within you. To this day LISAonthego still uses and does the above list. It takes time to learn who you are: be patient and understanding. Most important above all else be your best friend and surround yourself in love you and forgive yourself for everything you didn’t do. The rest will come.

Have a great day. Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego


#When LISAonthego does what others wants she gets angry with herself and others are happy, When LISAonthego does what she wants she is at peace and others are angry with her, #Lesson Learned: Others don’t stay angry and get over it, #authentic self, #be who you are, #empower

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