Discussion, understanding, understood LisaOnTheGo

Discussion, understanding, understood LisaOnTheGo

Discussion, understanding, understood LisaOnTheGo

Discussion, understanding, understood LisaOnTheGo

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LisaOnTheGo what is being understood or understanding someone?

They have been times in her life she has been misquoted or misunderstood. LisaOnTheGo feels she is different than most, more sensitive and is an out-of-the-box thinker. She thinks everyone could understand her. Only to find out, that no, the other person took it out of context, gave it there own meaning or didn't understand at all. She is learning to stop herself and truly look at the other person, facial expressions to see if they understood or ask questions.

LisaOnTheGo thinks everyone thinks like her and interprets things the same way. As you know, with life experience you learn this isn't true. Recently, at a meeting, LisaOnTheGo met and was talking to a career coach about Spiritualfitnessonthego. The ins and outs of the business, the website and then LisaOnTheGo recognized that look. She assumed this person understood the basics of how a website works and videos on a website. In addition, to LisaOnTheGo  Blogs, the importance of social media, and website needs.

After a few minutes, she recognized that look and nope the person, a career coach saying they understood websites, in fact, didn’t understand. The upsetting factor for LisaOnTheGo was why they went along, pretended to know by acknowledging and nodding. LisaOnTheGo unbeknownst to them changed subjects.

Life experience has taught LisaOnTheGo to be clear and specific.  Whether to understand others or others to understand her. It is then a choice for herself and others to decide whether to continue the conversation or not.

LisaOnTheGo says if people understood you, not accept what you are saying but understood you this is effective communication.

LisaOnTheGo could say she understood the discussion and doesn’t accept it, is a validation for others. This is communicating at its best.

Being acknowledged and validated LisaOnTheGo feels is what most people are looking for in a conversation. This is communicating.

Next time you are having a discussion with someone try validating, acknowledging the other person and see how it feels. First for you then truly look at the other person and how it feels for them.

LisaOnTheGo says it feels great to be understood.

Love, Laughter & Peace, LisaOnTheGo

Happens To You? LisaOnTheGo Blog

Happens to you? LisaOnTheGo Blog

Happens to you? LisaOnTheGo Blog

Happens To You? LisaOnTheGo Blog

photo and quote by Karen Salmansohn,                                                                                    http://notsalmon.com/


Like anything else, you'll never truly understand until it happens to you and even then it takes a while to understand it. LisaOnTheGo has experienced this and saying that would never happen to her; now laughs as the tables have turned in her life. She didn't understand when you went through it and she sure doesn't understand it any better now that she is going through it.

However, because of you sharing your life experience with her, she now has more information on something she didn't know anything about and she thanks you! It's so easy to judge, assume, pass judgment on someone else, be lackadaisical on advice and light about it. Then life turns, you are now in that position and you have a different perspective or maybe some of the same however with the feelings and emotions it feels so much more intense for yourself. Then you laugh or cry now having a better understanding of what the other person was experiencing.

They are the first one you call. Wow, and they are more patient, listen to the whole story and more understanding than you were and you are more thankful and appreciative. Then the commiserating and the conversation take on its own accord for a common bond that has now formed. The conversation is more real with bouncing off suggestions, ideas and different perspectives that LisaOnTheGo tries to learn something new and contemplates how she would like to proceed with the situation. She is grateful for her friend’s patience, wisdom, knowledge, and friendship as they now walk on the same path in the same shoes.

LisaOnTheGo has learned to be supportive, loving, caring and understanding when she has not walked in someone else’s shoes because she really doesn’t know what it is like or how it feels.

How about you? Love, Laughter & Peace, LisaOnTheGo

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LisaOnTheGo Believe in Your Career

                                     LisaOnTheGo Believe in Your Career

LisaOnTheGo Believe in Your Career

LisaOnTheGo Believe in Your Career

LisaOnTheGo Believe in Your Career

LisaOnTheGo Believe in Your Career


#LISAonthego believes in her and her career.

When you believe in you then others could too.

In our world, we will find criticism, rejection, and acceptance on any subject. Yet we all fear that criticism from others and others think they know more than us about our careers. Then our inner critic has the time of its life.

That inner critic in us is awesome at beating ourselves up thinking it has others all the answers. Once receiving criticism or rejection the inner critic jumps in on the bandwagon at that moment. LisaOnTheGo is learning to change her thoughts to be positive and ignores that inner critic. Criticism and rejection is fear based in having you believe something that is worst.

It's important to know and believe in who you are, LisaOnThego is passionate about her career and yes we all make mistakes. That is life, we came from perfection and we are here to make the mistakes. However, in truth, criticism and rejection told by others is a judgment. When LisaOnthego has taken her time and her inner critic thoughts are being negative, she consciously changes them to be positive. Now she could replay the criticism or rejection in her mind; she is now in an open frame of mind and could see objectively. Some of the times they're some good messages from others however they are not the professionals in your career or your path and usually key components for the whole picture are amiss. Therefore, go back to the core you, your beliefs in who you are and your career before you react or respond.

In truth believing in you, knowing your passion from your heart and conveying your self-worth gives others the confidence in you and your career.

Have a great day. Love, Laughter & Peace, LisaOnTheGo

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What are you feeding yourself?

What are you feeding yourself? 




What are you feeding yourself? LisaOnTheGo went to a workshop a few years ago presented by Edie Weinstein and Elaine Silver. Come read, listen or watch the video today.   

This is about what others have said to you, think about you that are negative and positive throughout your life. Its absorbed, fed like an iv into your system.

Do you believe what others have said to you, your whole life? LisaOnTheGo says no, however when its fed through an iv it lives within you. The tools and activities on www.Spiritualfitnessonthego.com help to clear your misbeliefs of you.

LisaOnTheGo understands some things are much easier understood than to apply them. That is why for LisaOnTheGo walk is harder than the talk. We could talk and talk and talk and be an expert on our talks.

It's the walk that makes the difference in our lives.

We would all love to do the walk, life just isn't this simple. It's a process for LisaOnTheGo. It could take a moment to moment or day to day and ultimately could take her years or a lifetime to learn to walk through her obstacles in her life. To find her peace, truly learn who she is and be the person she is today. 

UPDATE - LisaOnTheGo spoke to Christine Alexandria, AngelChatter recently and she gave her an activity to help her grow. Edie Weinstein and Elaine Silver workshop were about the iv's running into our system and Christine Alexandria of AngelChatter spoke of cutting the cords. In retrospect cutting the iv cords. This makes sense to LisaOnTheGo. She has been giving her power away and this tool has her take her power back and keep it within. By the way cutting the iv cords has given LisaOnTheGo peace, surrendering and moving along her journey.   

Let us know what you are changing in your life?

Have a great day. Love, Laughter & Peace, LisaOnTheGo

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A Course In Miracles – Facilitated by Britney Shawley

A Course in Miracles - Facilitated by Britney Shawley

A Course in Miracles

A Course in Miracles


Come Start your journey today! Learn to accept and experience your True Self and self-discovery. A Course in Miracles lessons- facilitated by Britney Shawley". Britney is inspiring, enthusiastic and easy to watch as she shares her perception on the lesson of the day.


What is an A Course in Miracles? 

A Course In Miracles is the inner foundation to your inner peace. LISAonthego has been studying the A Course In Miracles and has been in a group for 10+ years. It has given LISAonthego another perception to her life to a better world and it is about living in today's world; finding your peace. This is not about religion or related to a religion. However, the words god, Jesus, etc. may be used LisaOnTheGo replaced the word with one that resonated with her the creator, spirit, child, universe etc. use what works for you. The Course is about you in today's world and finding your way to be at peace and learning about you.

Britney Shawley is wise beyond her years, energized, enthusiastic and does an amazing job presenting and facilitating the A Course In Miracles. Join us Today.


A COURSE IN MIRACLES - facilitated by Britney Shawley

A COURSE IN MIRACLES - facilitated by Britney Shawley


I love the world and everyone in it.

There is nothing to do or to see except everyone happy and at peace along with me.

For this reason, my mind is open and willing to welcome new tools, that are practical, helpful, and truly here to shift the world in a direction where we ALL win.

To call me anything at all it would be a Teacher of Peace, but even that is not me.  Simply listening to the voice within that guides me. As included the greatest good of others and in my thinking, we begin to receive the effects of my giving and thus receive everything that I give!

Britney's Experience

Through inner mind training and dedication to the goal of peace, happiness is my result; and thus powerful and revolutionary tools have been given me to bless the world. I have learned to diligently train my mind firstly through practice, secondly through the help of the tool A Course in Miracles. ACIM is literally a tool for mind training, miracle-working and inner peace. It has become an active part of my daily thought process and assists as a focus and a guide for undoing the false and remembering what is True. This helped to facilitate the relationships in my life to become only helpful, loving and purposeful. 

York University is where I received my honors in both English & Psychology. My education was furthered with Hypnosis and N.L.P to help assist a greater audience to understand the power of their mind. Born in Toronto, Canada and currently live in Southern California with my partner & husband Tom Glod. We are both creators and visionaries of team MakeShyft R.D.A and inspired and passionate about completing the tools in our pipeline and giving them to the world.

I am here to serve the masses, and to make a big difference for the greater good of everyone.

Love, Britney Shawley www.miraclesofmind.org

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LISAonthego Drama, Drama


LISAonthego DRAMA, DRAMA. What are drama and stories?

LISAonthego Drama, Drama

LISAonthego Drama, Drama

It is when a situation, event or circumstance occurs and you feel you are so right.  You feel entitled to let everyone know. In addition, in truth, you want everyone else to agree with you and side with you. It's rarely that we are 100% in our stories and dramas.

In addition, drama and stories are about our perceptions, judgments, and interpretations. Therefore others also have there perceptions, judgments and interpretations. Ultimately our drama and stories are about us and learning to see it another way.

Awhile back LISAonthego's had drama's that came on Bam one, two and three, wow really. The question arose, do you want to play and tell your story on how right you are? The reply was YES. The story goes like this, this happened and that happened and they said and that was said and LISAonthego wants to go on telling her story and how wrong everyone else is. Yes, she is telling them I AM SO RIGHT!

LISAonthego is so right! A friend listening giggles and reminds her that she is really caught up in the story. Truthfully in time, she won’t remember and if she does not all the details too. LISAonthego knew in her heart she was right. However, it wasn’t bringing her peace and she knows for herself that nothing is more important than her own peace.

LISAonthego went to her fall back of using the tools on www.spiritualfitnessonthego.com. The EFT tapping, reading past LISAonthego BLOGS, A Course in Miracles Lesson, cleansing prayer and affirmation all of this could be done anywhere and this helped her to feel so much better. It reminded her to “be the best she could be”, “be who she wants to be”.

Then the next day, LISAonthego is feeling like she is in a circle standing in the middle and looks around at the circle and starts laughing and laughing. She is seeing all the stories and dramas one, two and three bam and realizes none of it means anything in the big picture of herself. Being so right isn’t bringing her peace. Then she chooses peace and asks herself, does any of this truly matter in the big picture? Her answer is no because in time most of it will not be remembered.

She also knows and has learned the universe supports our dramas. This means when it's not resolved within you more situations, event and circumstances come to us. With different scenarios and ultimately the same issue, Question, does LISAonthego want more drama and stories? She could be so right and keep it up. The universe in time will give her more of the stories and drama as she laughs lol, and responds no she chooses to surrender.

The process of healing begins for LISAonthego by saying her Affirmations, (https://spiritualfitnessonthego.com/lisaonthego-affirmations/) and then to each person in her story she says to XXXX I am sorry, I love you, thank you and please forgive me and mean it because you can’t fool the universe. The drama is about you, within you, not out there, the bottom line is to forgive, truly forgive the people in the stories and find your inner peace, if you don’t have your peace today, you sure won’t have your peace tomorrow.

Regardless where you are today, in the drama of stories and the but, but, but and being so right or you could choose to be in your peace, The peace today within you is about you, not them.

Forgiveness is for you, not them.

LISAonthego forgives others for everything they didn't do and this helps her to surrender.

Each time LISAonthego feels she is in the stories and drama she goes to #www.spiritualfitnessonthego.com uses the tools and activities until she finds her peace, forgives and could move forwards.

Have a great day! Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

Learn about You & U, Be the best You or U or Ewe could be, Changing You, TheBest Relationship is YOU

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I am me.

LISAonthego loves who she is and likes who she is too. Sometimes we have one without the other. We could love and not like us and we could like and not love us. Finding the balance of both is finding your peace. This has been years of LISAonthego working on herself. She realizes now it is so easy to get caught up in everyone else's stuff and think they are right too.

How do you get to know you?

Who are you? The speakers, tools, and activities on Spiritualfitnessonthego.com are what LISAonthego used to find herself. This had her look at herself and guided her to healing. However, once you are on the path, it's not done. This is a continual process and spiritualfitnessonthego is adding new content as LISAonthego grows so does the website. LISAonthego wants to make it easier for others to find their path and whats right for them.


Years ago LISAonthego came up with the motto: when I do things others want me to do, I get angry with myself and when I do what I want to do, others get mad at me. Others? Who are others? What makes others so right? Others for LISAonthego were the authoritative figures in her life, who she felt would know best. Example, doctor, teacher, parent etc. and in reality, they don't know any more than she does.

When I do things others want me to do, I get angry with myself and when I do what I want to do, others get mad at me.

Others? Who are others? What makes others so right? Others for LISAonthego were the authoritative figures in her life, who she felt would know best. Example, doctor, teacher, parent etc. and in reality, they don't know any more than she does.

LISAonthego has learned to go within and listen to herself. Yes, she has listened to everyone else and is now listening to herself.  Making her own mistakes with her own choices. They are her mistakes, her choices and not others in perceiving what they think is best. Conclusion others have many judgments and interpretations of our stories and drama and yet they truly don't know what is best. It's important to get know us, we all get lost on our journeys. Our paths change and Spiritualfitnessonthego.com is here to guide us on our paths that are comfortable for us.

Have a great day. Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego














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