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Perseverance for LISAonthego is running an obstacle course, you keep going even with the obstacles coming forth.

Why? Because, eventually you persevere where you are to be. In addition, on this path, choices are being made for your life that you choose. Yes, on this path they’re times the path looks bleak then out of nowhere this obstacle breaks open and you achieve what you wanted. It doesn’t necessary look the way you anticipated and yet in your heart its right for you.

LISAonthego is on her path of perseverance.

She keeps going and going. LISAonthego was in a book group, awhile back and read the book, Think and Grow It Rich. The book talks about a person who invested all their funds in finding gold. They worked at it for over year and relented that it is not working: sold everything at $.10 on the dollar; lost confidence, perseverance and gave into the ego chatter mind versus following their heart.

The new company that bought out the business continued to dig in same area. Unbelievable within the month the new company struck gold. It was three feet away. Could you imagine this, being you? You were so close, yet so far and you caved in. This person learned the next time around in his career as an insurance broker to persevere and found success.

LISAonthego is listening to her heart and continuing her path.

The path she is on, is like a rollercoaster. Besides perseverance, she is doing what she loves and loves what she does and feels this is most important.

Life offers challenges and obstacles, we all have them. It’s how we are going handle the challenges and obstacles that we face. This has helped LISAonthego become who she is today.

When is Perseverance enough for you?





LISAonthego answers when you are reacting to the event or situation. You are no longer happy and following your heart; continuously having negative thoughts or it's about being materialistic on things you think you need and you don't; or you need to change for you. Then stop what you are trying to achieve and find another path. Just maybe you came to learn something like the man in the book. His next career as an insurance person he was successful and persevered. Just maybe this had his heart singing helping others vs finding gold and all about the monies.

LISAonthego encountered this when she was a Realtor the ultimate, goal was monies and yes helping others to help find a home. However, with 200 people that are involved in a transaction the theme is monies, money for the professionals involved. She wasn't a good realtor, lol and her heart didn't sing, this career had interfered with her goals that were important to her like raising her family. She went within and is persevering her blogs and website. Loving what she is doing and doing what she loves, also she is living life and life is not living her. This is when you know when a change is necessary.

Have a great day. Love Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

Heart is Singing & Your Defensive

Heart Singing & Your Defensive

What? Your heart is singing and you are being defensive in the same moment. What? What does this mean? Really? How does this happen? LISAonthego attended a Path to Heal group session by phone today and this issue arose. She has been contemplating this all day.

LISAonthego is practicing being direct, specific and detailed in what she wants to create in her life. Remember you are the star in your play to create what you truly want. It doesn’t always play out this way and yet you have the intentions to direct your life.

Now life is coming to fruition for LISAonthego in what she truly wants. She is excited, happy and looking forwards to her new adventure. Yet somehow things go awry. So, when Joanna Chodorowska is engaging in the Path to Heal and the issue comes up to release. Your heart is singing and you are being defensive. We had a discussion on this topic.

The issue of what you truly want is happening and you self-sabotage yourself by being defensive.

Your ego mind comes into play, you can’t do this or that, spend money, take the vacation at that time, hire someone, come out with a new product, buy … clothes, furniture, car, home, food etc. You find ways and give reasons why you can’t.

Self-sabotaging the mind goes into racing mode. Being negative and giving all the reasons why it needs to be different. LISAonthego understands this it’s like you give yourself a diversion, you are at the crossroads and you change the course or complicate it. It’s time to just enjoy go within find your peace. Be thankful and appreciative and lovingly move forwards.

You deserve what you truly want; its learning to stay on the path and simplify. Stop redirecting, accepting diversions to be doing what you want. This is your life do what makes you happy and stay on course. Have a great day.

Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

Your Life, What’s Next?

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Your Life, What's Next? What’s Next in your Life? LISAonthego says you are the star in your life. Make your life. Yes, with all the challenges we face in a day to day. Think about what, what truly matters right here, right now in this moment? In retrospect, nothing.

One of LISAonthego’s huge learning moments were from 9-11. She has many family, friends and acquaintances that were at the New York City Twin Towers. What about the people who were late to work? Frustrated in traffic? Children being children and not on time, appointments cancelled or postponed. Yes, they were many tragedies and LISAonthego’s heart goes out to the people and yes some people were deterred from getting to their destinations on time.

You are where you are meant to be, we can’t control our lives.

We live our lives what we think is best for us and the universe has its own direction. It’s like meeting people, is it coincidence or destiny? This is the same concept as creating our own lives.

Be the star in your life. People could affect our lives and ultimately, it’s our choices what we bring forth.

What’s next in your life? What do you, yes you want? Not others, what makes your heart sing? What in your life is a challenge that you want to change? LISAonthego has learned everyone has opinions, judgements and interpretations on our choices. They don’t walk our paths, our feelings or truly know our stories. They think they do and don’t. We process our lives, events and circumstances daily. There is so much more that influences our lives and choices.

What’s next in your life?

LISAonthego has learned and is learning. Go within and listen to yourself, your spiritual heart. Find the issue that is your most challenging and what you want to change. In the quiet moment change to what you want, feel the emotion, listen to your thoughts. (you don’t like the thoughts, then change the thoughts, Now, to what you do you want). Be specific and detailed in what you perceive you want. This is called manifestation and the energy from your emotions are put forth.

Write an affirmation ( 

When you read it, feel the positive emotions daily and watch the reality of your life come forth. Remember it’s not always going to come to fruition how we perceive it to be. The universe has a way of doing things differently. However, we have control in our thoughts and how we put it forth in our own minds and out to the universe.

Loving you and what makes your heart sings create a happier you. This isn’t easy, it takes time, patience and love. The tools and activities on helps to be on the path you choose. See life differently. LISAonthego wouldn’t be the person she is today without the website and LISAonthego blogs.

LISAonthego questions her choices, her path often and she goes within then keeps walking for what makes her heart sing. I am that I am and that is who I am.

Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego



LISAonthego Changing Others?

LISAonthego Changing Others?

Can you change how people feel about you?

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LISAonthego Changing Others? LISAonthego can you change how people feel about you?

LISAonthego believes maybe, however they feel what they feel. Also, she thinks it depends on what is the connection to you: mother, father, brother, sister, child, boss, friend, acquaintance etc. Yes, you could ask them the story of why? However, LISAonthego feels that most people are won’t answer the question. They feel this is a confrontation and uncomfortable for them.

The people that are  willing to talk are so into the story and drama that they are not willing to listen because it’s their defense system. It is better for them to stay in the ego that they know what's best and are so right. This could feel: hurtful, betrayed, sad, disappointed etc.Could you Change How People Feel About You? photo/quote by

They are some options to help.

One visually put the person next to you and talk it out with them and then visually makes them smaller and put them in your heart surrounded by love. Doesn’t sound like this could work right? LISAonthego has done this and amazingly within a short time things changed. The person may still have their feelings, however they do come around to being nicer, tolerable, and more open.

LISAonthego feels people are in our lives for a season, reason or a lifetime.

People change, situations change, circumstances change; we grow; they grow and is it that time to move on a season or reason? This is not an easy concept or that we understand it at the time. When the time is done the circumstances or events takes place and relationship ends.

LISAonthego finds it interesting how people come into our lives at specific points in our lives to teach us or have us learn a lesson or both. As a life experiencer she giggles and is starting to understand they are no coincidences and that this was meant to be. Ultimately you can’t change people and how they feel about you. Change your thoughts and don’t allow others to define who you are. Our egos love stories and drama, take an incident or an action with a few people like cooking something simple. Now ask everyone there for the details of what he or she saw and how it went. We all have different stories and interpretations; we are all so right and yet we were all there. Doing all the above sometimes time will heal and sometimes it's letting go.

Good Luck and have a great day! Love, Laughter & Peace LISAonthego

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Upset, Others Saying Everything is Okay

Upset, Others Saying Everything is Okay

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Upset, Others saying everything is okay. You’re with a group of people, family, friends, colleagues for a few days and want no drama/stories. However, other people are making decisions that affect you and you don’t agree.

You don’t want to be controversial and it’s not a feeling right within you. What do you do?

Initially you don’t react and let it roll to keep the peace. Others are agreeing with the decisions to keep the peace too, although they don’t truly agree. The person making the decisions just wants what they want however they could get it. These decisions are based on principal and selfishness.

It gets better. Others now are saying what a great time they are having, everything is well and saying to you, don’t you agree? You are being approached several times a day from others and reinforcing their position how great things are. They want the peace and not speaking their truth. You just want your peace however this doesn’t mean backing down your feelings, its means responding from your heart and what it means for you. Be in your power, loving you and responding to your viewpoint. You have choices too, you don’t have to participate, change your plans so they resonate for you and respond (responding is talking from your heart and positive) not react (reacting is being angry, frustrated and negative)

Others then talk and try to convince you again all is well. While they are convincing you, lol they are trying to convince themselves.

This is what it is for them, be you, hold your ground, calmly and peacefully. Funny though, after the fact, a few days later 75% of the people agree with the decisions. They didn’t want a confrontation or drama that they did it for the peace and regret the go along momentum.

Imagine if people spoke the truth.

The selfish person couldn’t have been controlling and more people in dilemma. Also, the inner processing people did for a few days to admit they didn’t agree. We all have choices, choose your choice for your walk in your truth, peace and feel great for being you.

Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

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Are you Rigid?


Are you Rigid?

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LISAonthego's Definition of Rigid – Not being flexible, refusing to change or adapt to other ways. In retrospect, the attitude is “I am so right”.!

They are some rigid schedules for classes, transportation etc. to run smoothly and give flexibility for you to choose.

Regardless of the events, circumstances or situation the more rigid or intenseness that are present the more flexible we could be. This gives balance to our lives, being grounded. 

Are you being Rigid?

Here is an example: You’re in an exercise program (year-round) that could be taken anywhere, however they are on a timed schedule. Now you are on vacation and the timed program is at the time of a dinner reservation.

What do you do? Rigid vs Flexibility

Rigid? Everyone else is asked to follow your pattern, change the reservation and time, even the restaurant if they can’t accommodate you. Others do this too to keep peace. You think you are at your peace since you received what you wanted, at your time, on your schedule.

In truth, this is being rigid and an ego gratification.

Flexibility could be cancel/postpone/reschedule the class. LISAonthego gets it, it’s being in a routine, important for your health. You could choose another comparable physical activity for the day. That could be done on your time, when it works for everyone, including you. This keeps peace with everyone and most importantly you and loving you. Also, you kept to the commitment for you on exercising.

Flexibility could be having gratitude, appreciation and respecting others where you are and whom you are with. Choose another other option for your program for that day. LISAonthego says come online participate in a yoga class with yourself or with your vacation friends at Spiritualfitnessonthego. You're getting your physical activity. Not alone and wow the bonding, fun moments that brings to people and vacations.

Flexibility brings creativity, fun and positive energy, Rigidness brings resentment, entitlement and negative energies.

Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego


#Are you Rigid? Come learn some of the differences of being rigid and flexible? Does either work well, why or why not. Come read,listen,watch today's blog.

#Flexibility brings creativity, fun and positive energy, Rigidness brings resentment, entitlement and negative energies

# “I am so right”.! 

Focused? Is this Important? Why?

Focused? Is this important? Why?focused?

Focused? Is this important? Why? LISAonthego says yes. What is being focused? To give one's attention, thoughts and concentration to another, example: a project, relationship, subject in school etc. This blog is about having a relationship. When you are with LISAonthego she is focused on you with her undivided attention.

Have you ever made the time for someone’s company whether personal or business and they are distracted?

You know it's not where they want to be or you could tell their minds are elsewhere. They are texting, on the phone, fiddling around, looking around and not focused on you. This makes LISAonthego uncomfortable and not wanting to engage again anytime soon.

LISAonthego has learned when you want her attention or is expected she stops, finishes what she is doing, or puts it aside until later and takes a few breaths then will engage with you. She has learned do to others what she wants done for her and being present and focused is important for her. It’s also about you feeling worthy and having the other person feel important for those moments too. It’s the time you commit and choose to be with others and on your terms, no one is forcing you to engage. LISAonthego has learned juggling the business and being a mom regardless of the hat she is wearing; you know you are important and heard. This leaves a feeling of being loved, wanted and needed. This leaves a positive feeling for you and the other person feeling wanted, honored and respected.

Being focused when with others is important.

When you commit yourself to a business or meet a friend or your child comes to talk about their day etc. it is important you focus on them. For LISAonthego this is engaging and feeling worthy, she gives her time and you give yours that is mutually engaging. In each moment we are asking for love or giving love and in each moment when engaging this is being fulfilled. We all want to be and feel important. So when you choose to work, be with another person, talk on the phone, be present, be focused and know you're important.

In conclusion everyone wants to feel special. When you take the time to focus on others they know they are loved and liked. The positive experiences that come from focusing could be amazing, better relationships, business relationships, loyalty and everyone benefits etc.

Time is priceless so get the most and focus, time is something we can’t go back on. Have a great day. LISAonthego

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#Time is priceless so get the most and focus, time is something we can’t go back on

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Are You Selfish or Sell-Fish?

Are You Selfish or Sell-fish?

SelfishLISAonthego’s definition – taking care of your daily needs

Sell-fish- LISAonthego’s definition – your daily care is all about you

LISAonthego says we all need to be selfish in our lives but how far is your selfishiness?

Selfishiness is taking care of your daily needs examples: showering, bathroom, hair style, makeup, eating/cooking properly etc. sure they’re many more things we could do for ourselves however not at the expense of others. Meaning they could be important for you however life could have other plans, for example: taking care of children, going to work, commitments etc.

This is where scheduling in what is important to us is important example: meditating, exercising, shopping, entertainment etc. Making you important and taking care of you along with your other commitments.

Sell-Fishiness is you come above all else. You do what you want and not what needs to be done. When you aren’t getting what you want you are nasty, sarcastic and criticize everyone else. In addition, you are so caught up in your own life, fitting it all in that everyone else is an annoyance. Your focus is on your objectives and when you are with others, your focus is on you and your objectives. Life is about you. When you feel like getting out of your shell and doing or focusing on others, you make it well known. These could be normal everyday chores for most people and yet you have a way to twist these and sell your good graciousness to feel good about you.

Most people don’t recognize this as themselves or others, or know how to verbalize it. LISAonthego has been in the presence of several sell-fishiness people recently. She is now able to verbalize and write about these qualities because she L.I.D.E. (label, identify, describe the emotion).  it. She couldn’t understand why she felt the way she did after being with these types of people. After being in their presence she would feel bad about herself, like she did something wrong and after thinking about it that it had nothing to do with her. So, she L.I.D.E. her feelings, she labeled it to: that she felt insignificant, inferior and worthless, she identified it to: insecure and humiliated and then she described the emotion to: fear and anger. Now from the L.I.D.E. method she now understands what she is specifically feeling so she is aware of these feelings that it is not her and nothing she did and to avoid, deter herself from these people.

Have a great day. Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

What is Spiritual Awakening?

What is Spiritual Awakening?


What is spiritual awakening? Two years ago LISAonthego was out and came home with hives in one location. She looked up the spiritual meaning of hives and the location and was put to the spiritual awakening urls.


Spiritual awakenings to LISAonthego is learning who you really are. Having that peace in yourself and knowing your belief systems.

It is just being, be who you want to be, surrendering and at peace. This journey of the spiritual awakening is not so easy at times look at the symptoms below. She recognizes this by talking about Spiritual Awakening. She is not alone and either are you!

LISAonthego understands now what is happening. This transition could take time from years to moments depending where we are on our path. After reading and researching, LISAonthego knows this is what is happening to her. She has been giggling at herself. LISAonthego realizes she has been on this path for the past few years. However things are now moving faster and she is experiencing more than half the symptoms. The three best symptoms that has given LISAonthego no doubt: The backend of the website had issues ongoing and ongoing (now resolved), hives (location heart center) and the electrical malfunctions (bought a Macbook Pro in late 2011 and it had glitches till it died in 2013). Bought another Macbook Pro from Best Buy upgraded and this one has been gem. Then she bought an Imac and it perished, lol. (all resolved).

Today in 2017 when these symptoms arise she giggles to herself and chooses peace. She has experienced some other Spiritual Awakenings symptoms recently. She is okay with this because she sees herself growing and exceeding who she was a few years ago. Her LISAonthego blogs have flourished a huge following, the website is now up and she has leaped in faith and has purchased products she uses and wants to share with you. This is amazing. 

To help move along her path, LISAonthego is presently in a group session with Joanna Chodorowska;  Master of Path to Heal. This is clearing her past and helping to move forwards with confidence, grace and ease. Thank you Joanna.

(story and drama) Who buys an Apple product that dies. LISAonthego’s children, friends, business colleagues laugh with her too because it is unheard of until now Spiritual Awakening. The lesson only buy from Best Buy their warranties/guarantees are superb and they stand behind their products. Will (supervisor) in the PA store is awesome, knows his products (bought the 2nd MacBook Pro from Will he cares and supports his customers. LISAonthego is glad to know and understand what is occurring.

LISAonthego believes her path is to be who she is, believe in who she is and stay on the path in what she loves to do and that is LISAonthego Blogs and the website

What do you know about Spiritual Awakening? Are you going through the process? Have a great day. Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego



1. Eat healthier and caring for your body differently
2. Your belief system changing
3. Desire to connect to nature
4. Experiencing synchronicity, being shown that life is not coincidental
5. Material items aren’t needed or wanted as they use to be
6. Sleeping patterns changing (sleeping more or less, waking in the middle of the night etc)
7. Sudden waves of emotion
8. Drawn to inspiration and personal fulfillment
9. Greater feeling of oneness
10. Worrying less, trusting the process
11. Interest and desires changing
12. Power surges hot/cold
13. Vivid dreams
14. Time accelerating
15. Integrity
16. Electrical and mechanical occurrences that come and go (important to ground)
17. Closures in life
18. Changes in what you are eating
19. Skin rashes etc
20. Events that completely change your life (moving, death, divorce, loss of job etc)
21. Creative incentives
22. The feeling you are or have changed and feeling that difference inside
23. Increased integrity
24. Electrical and mechanical malfunctions
25. Increased intuition

UPDATED and added in 2017 this has over 50 possible symptoms, you don't need to be experiencing everyone, just some to know you are awakening and not alone! by LISAonthego copyright 2015

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Play Day Today

Play Day is Today

This game is awesome on those tough days of not feeling well or life’s challenges or just love the game and play daily.

It was suggested to have a play day, LISAonthego is open for suggestions, sounded fun and said let’s go. She tweaked it to resonate for her and here we are: Play day is today. Be who you want to be today. She wants more fun in her life so why not.

How to play, Play Day Today?

It’s easy, answer some questions. Who do you want to be in your life and what do you want to physically represent? Choose one theme for the day: employee, business owner, President, parent, professional athlete, performer etc.

LISAonthego’s first day playing Play Day is Today:

Theme: she has her own TV show that’s once a week based on her blogs that is #1 on the network and website. She is a person where her heart and light are shining today, thankful and appreciative to the people in her life and sharing her path. This will domino affect into being happy, glowing and having fun with life. This is who she is today. LISAonthego feels good about herself and dresses nicely in a skirt with a favorite top, puts on makeup, showers and styles her hair and egotistically feels good about herself. This is what she is.

This is an awesome game. LISAonthego is learning about herself, who she wants to be and how to present. Also, what she truly wants in her life and this is having LISAonthego going within and being more detailed and specific. Wow, she didn’t even have the words for the path she wants. Awesome to show up and learn about her.

Wow, this is great, she is dressed, feeling great, going to a workshop, looks great and feels inspired. How about you?

In conclusion to play this game well, it triggered an emotion in LISAonthego which then created her thoughts, into manifesting and putting the ideas out there to the reality life. Best part you don't know the answers that is even better, each time you play, "fake it till you make it"! till you figured out what is right for you.

Have a great day! Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

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