Changing Others

Changing Others?

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Changing Others? Could you make someone else change? LISAonthego says no. For her to change is by her own will.

This is accomplished by a choice or decision she made that didn’t go the way she anticipated. This could be negative or positive. However, the outcome impacted or influenced her life that she wanted to change.

Change isn’t always easy positive or negative. It's changing into the unknown; it’s uncomfortable and different.

LISAonthego will take the situation or event and process it. Typically, first her ego chatter mind and then she will go within and listen to her heart. Going within and listening to her heart gives her the direction she wants to take. Then a change for her could occur.

Could others influence a change?

LISAonthego says yes, absolutely. You make a choice or decision, and others give their opinions. Their opinions are usually not ones she had processed. People could be upset, angry or laughing and think it’s funny. However, listening to their viewpoints on your choices or decisions could influence change.

Laura Fontane did a Facebook Live, very well done Laura, thank you. LISAonthego thought about her talk, and the blog came upon to write.

How could a change occur? In Laura’s talk (humorously done) she talked about her children and said:

Child: Mom could I use the car?

Laura: Is your room clean?

Child: No.

Laura: Then no.

Child: Mom could I have money for the movies?

Laura: Is your room clean?

Child: No.

Laura: Then no.

Child: What’s for dinner?

Laura: Are the dishes clean?

Child: No.

Laura: Then no clean dishes for dinner

Laura your imitation on Facebook live was awesome and very funny. However, here a change could be made. A child could choose to clean their room and dishes; in exchange to have the car, money and clean dishes for dinner. We can’t make someone do something. However, we could influence them and if it’s important to you; something you want, then you could make the change. In these circumstances, everyone wins.

Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

LISAonthego, What Triggers YOU?

LISAonthego, What Triggers YOU? What is a trigger? For LISAonthego it is a negative feeling that sparks into her deepest core of who she is. It reminds her of not being good enough, and she is feeling alone or separate. Then she reacts or responds.

What triggers you and what do you do about it?

When LISAonthego is triggered she fall backs on to her addiction of eating. LISAonthego feels we all have addictions, some more noticeable than others. Depending on the trigger depends on the reaction or response. LISAonthego is learning to acknowledge the triggers and to respond. Reactions are more aggressive, more noticeable, revengeful, even on us and egotistical.

In the past week, she had a day that triggered the best of her, criticism. Others told her what they think, being outright rude, negative and she didn’t ask or even suggest an opinion on what they thought about her life now or in past. Later LISAonthego hides like a turtle goes into her shell to process. When she comes out she's craving the carby, sugary foods. However this time, she stopped, listened and thought about it. What would eating accomplish?

LISAonthego loves hugs and the feeling of being comforted.

Eating gives this same feeling but it doesn’t resolve the event, comment or situation. Eating gives her the thoughts of how we use a band-aid. Temporarily feeling better; until the thoughts come up again and again. Then she eats the carby, sugary foods and the cycle continues. This time as she ate she acknowledged the feelings and concludes this doesn’t resolve anything; as that situation, event or comment came into her thoughts again and again. It's just a band-aid to those feelings until they passed. This is awesome, LISAonthego now sees and feels the cycle.

Eating for her is an action to divert the attention from acknowledging her feelings of being hurt or feeling unwanted, unloved, betrayed, embarrassed or humiliated.

LISAonthego looking at herself realizes this is one of her triggers. She is currently making a list so she knows her triggers to make a change. She needs to change her reactions otherwise there will be no changes. When she writes down her triggers she needs to also go within and write down how she could change her reaction so eating will not be her go to place. LISAonthego realizes this is an addiction. The addiction speaks to her and gives her a false sense of feeling better. It is just a reaction that she interprets as feeling better to get through it. LISAonthego now needs to change or she will continue to get the same results. At these times she could focus on the tools and activities at Spiritualfitnessonthego to make a positive change.

LISAonthego has allowed others to define who she is by their comments or remarks. She knows for herself these are untrue however she gives the power to others of authority thinking they know best and they do not. By allowing or believing others false judgments or interpretations she gives her power away, her energies away and LISAonthego goes into the ego of self-doubt to coping with an addiction until she could heal and until the next time. 

LISAonthego is choosing when triggered to do the activities and tools in Spiritualfitnessonthego and listen to herself spiritually in her heart and to do what resonates with her. The first part to know and to recognize is What Triggers You? LISAonthego will make a list today so she could do things differently and get different results. Imagine what these could be and what life could be like! Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

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Obesity Crisis

Obesity Crisis?

Think Again: 'There is no obesity crisis' (YOUTUBE video below the LISAonthego's blog), it's awesome, detailed, informative and makes sense.

LISAonthego's feels the word obesity is being misused today. For this blog, she is referring to obesity as being overweight and functioning in society well and caring for yourself. Truly being obese is a medical condition and for LISAonthego is someone who is overweight and can't take care of themselves on a daily basis due to their body physicalness caused by the weight. Everyone regardless
of our weight could "Shape-UP" our mind, bodies, and spirit, read more....

(an honest moment for LISAonthego - Professionals refer to her as "obese"). In LISAonthego's opinion, she is overweight. This video helped her to move forwards and start working on "Shaping UP" come join LISAonthego today with her quest.

LISAonthego loves this video it resonates for her. In the back of her mind, she has felt being overweight is not the main issue. If this were true then the professionals would have a specific food diet with the components we need quote/unquote "healthy". If this were true she feels with our technology and knowledge we would have a pill formula that would be designed to fulfill our human requirements. In addition, this could end world hunger.

With that being said the fad diets don't work even the best known. Two years ago LISAonthego did a health fad and a few months later a good friend joined too. We both lost weight, however, we also lost half our hair and breaking of nails etc. We also both gained back the weight. LISAonthego is ready to do this again her own way. Eating the foods that resonate with her, along with exercising, walking, yoga, meditation and just get up and around more.

LISAonthego will be using the tools and activities on This website has yoga for everyone (Chair Yoga to Advanced Power Flow). LISAonthego will keep you updated on her progress. Today is the day she will start, tomorrow comes and goes, so there's no better time than in the present moment.

LISAonthego calls her new routine "Shaping UP" to feel and look your best overall.

LISAonthego also agrees with the video thinner people are not healthier or live longer than overweight people.

Back to the point. I agree with the video in LISAonthego's experience this has been true. She is not saying go ahead and be overweight, eat and drink the wrong foods for you. She is saying what are you comfortable with looking? Yes, LISAonthego also agrees with the video about exercise and says no it doesn't need to be hard-core. However, a well-structured routine to keep our bodies moving and circulating. The tools and activities on have something for everyone. Now including wholesome products: skin care, candles, jewelry etc. (Come check out our shop

Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

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The Candle is Lit – 4 Missing Boys in Bucks County, PA

The Candle is Lit 

For the 4 Boys Missing in Bucks County, Pa

The Candle is Lit. Let's help the families in the time of need of prayers, well-wishes etc. LISAonthego



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What’s Your Addiction?

What's Your Addiction?

We all have addictions. Some we stop, some stop and start again and some we do daily. What are your addictions?

Addictions speak to us.

The ego chatter mind tells us again and again why we do what we do. Drinking, smoking, eating, exercising, shopping, gambling, studying etc. The ego tells us: You can’t do this, you are not good enough then you start telling yourself stories how you can’t do it or it won’t work and the why’s or the stories: he/she said, wow could you believe that…how judgmental, he/she did take some money…borrowed your car and left it with no gas…, he/she went to …. etc. your mind is on the defense, it changes the stories and keeps you stuck on false judgments.

I know, I’ll feel better when I have my addiction (smoking, drinking, shopping etc.) However, taking or doing your addiction keeps us from going within, changing our thoughts, reassuring ourselves vs avoiding our addictions.

You give in to your addiction and you have that euphoric feeling all is well. You get the feeling of relief, calmness a false sense of security.

You have your addiction now you have the guilt, why did I do that? Look how much I had??? Wow, I overdid it.

Did you ever notice how much time and energy our addictions take from our lives? How much energy do we put into our ego’s, addictions for false judgments? Is it worth it?

You keep talking to yourself. At some point, your tired and the feelings of emotions of I did something wrong, the guilt comes to play and you watch your thoughts go by, you're tired of the ego stories. Next comes your heart of emotions.

The heart emotions speak to us and genuinely tells us what we feel, what we truly want or need or to achieve. You start forgiving yourself and at this point, you could make a change, changing your thoughts and emotions a change for the better to be a better you.

Take the addiction of smoking the nicotine and other drugs in the cigarettes keeps the ego going. As the effects wear off you go for another and another. When you stop an addiction and you start again, you start where you lead off and then your addiction cravings and habits double.  It takes more for the effects to get that feeling wanted. At some point, the addiction overcomes the ego and you are lost, you did too much or you change and increase the addiction for an increased effect. Now you are smoking cigarettes with alcohol.

It's understanding how the addiction affects you to make a change for the better.

First is to understand addictions have power over us. A false sensation. Once you understand this you then could choose to change, get help and stop. You could also gain the power over the addiction. L.I.D.E. understanding you by labeling the addiction, identifying and describing the emotions.

 and understand for you and have the power over the addiction.

The choice is yours.

You want tools and activities to help in life

Have a great day! Love, Laughter & Peace LISAonthego

Loved One Passed Away

Loved One Passed Away    

(Youtube video below of text)

Loved one passed away family, friend, colleague etc. this is part of life. It’s not easy because we are here to process the loss. Remembering the love, memories, what they meant to us, how they influenced our lives? What did they teach us or what did we learn from them? Etc. When processing the loss, we may have questions and now on our own to draw our own conclusions. This death has LISAonthego reflecting on her life and relationships.

In the beginning of loss LISAonthego’s mind asks, how do we get the through the days? Her answer one moment at a time. Love yourself, be gentle, take the time to go within and heal. In truth LISAonthego doesn’t truly know what we mean to others or what they mean to us until they are not present.

As time goes on and the holidays, anniversaries, birthdays etc. come and go some current relationships change, some for the better, some doors may close and others open. People that knew of us and connected with the decease now could bring a bond to you.

We all process differently, be gentle and kind to yourself. There is no race or finish line to get to, it's finding your peace and healing for you that matters.

It’s a self-realization of your relationship with the deceased and learning more about you.

The lesson for LISAonthego in this journey is people make their own decisions and choices. You either support them or you don’t. However, in either event people choose the paths for themselves whether we agree or disagree. Its forgiving them and you for your judgements of what you thought that may be true or not. It’s our own perceptions. Yes, others will have their own opinions too.

There is never a right or wrong way to grieve, it’s personal that makes sense for you.

Thank you for understanding. LISAonthego this past year has been processing, going within, alone time, being distant, introspecting and finding her way. In retrospect, it's learning about her and grief takes time.

Grief has its own course, learning what is important for you and sometimes this means we take time off or coast through life. Work, activities, meetings, projects are not given the time so you give the time to you, until you find your place and begin again. People may think the type of death warrants a type of grieving and LISAonthego says this is untrue. Whether from a short term or long term illness, accident, suicide, overdose, young or older person etc. Grieving has its own way for each of us and grieving is part of loss. Be you and what resonates for you.

Thank you for your understanding. Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego



(youtube video below text)

Perseverance for LISAonthego is running an obstacle course, you keep going even with the obstacles coming forth.

Why? Because, eventually you persevere where you are to be. In addition, on this path, choices are being made for your life that you choose. Yes, on this path they’re times the path looks bleak then out of nowhere this obstacle breaks open and you achieve what you wanted. It doesn’t necessary look the way you anticipated and yet in your heart its right for you.

LISAonthego is on her path of perseverance.

She keeps going and going. LISAonthego was in a book group, awhile back and read the book, Think and Grow It Rich. The book talks about a person who invested all their funds in finding gold. They worked at it for over year and relented that it is not working: sold everything at $.10 on the dollar; lost confidence, perseverance and gave into the ego chatter mind versus following their heart.

The new company that bought out the business continued to dig in same area. Unbelievable within the month the new company struck gold. It was three feet away. Could you imagine this, being you? You were so close, yet so far and you caved in. This person learned the next time around in his career as an insurance broker to persevere and found success.

LISAonthego is listening to her heart and continuing her path.

The path she is on, is like a rollercoaster. Besides perseverance, she is doing what she loves and loves what she does and feels this is most important.

Life offers challenges and obstacles, we all have them. It’s how we are going handle the challenges and obstacles that we face. This has helped LISAonthego become who she is today.

When is Perseverance enough for you?





LISAonthego answers when you are reacting to the event or situation. You are no longer happy and following your heart; continuously having negative thoughts or it's about being materialistic on things you think you need and you don't; or you need to change for you. Then stop what you are trying to achieve and find another path. Just maybe you came to learn something like the man in the book. His next career as an insurance person he was successful and persevered. Just maybe this had his heart singing helping others vs finding gold and all about the monies.

LISAonthego encountered this when she was a Realtor the ultimate, goal was monies and yes helping others to help find a home. However, with 200 people that are involved in a transaction the theme is monies, money for the professionals involved. She wasn't a good realtor, lol and her heart didn't sing, this career had interfered with her goals that were important to her like raising her family. She went within and is persevering her blogs and website. Loving what she is doing and doing what she loves, also she is living life and life is not living her. This is when you know when a change is necessary.

Have a great day. Love Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

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