Hospital Etiquette Doctors & Nurses

Hospital Etiquette doctors & nurses

Hospital Etiquette doctors & nurses. LISAonthego feels she would like to blog about an etiquette when you are terminally ill.

Here is the story. People come into your life for a reason, season or lifetime.

Last year LISAonthego met a new friend, who is a Doctor and terminally ill that has a rare genetics and cancer. Because of this person’s knowledge, expertise and understanding of their illness, LISAonthego says the hospital crossed the lines with this person’s etiquette health care.

However, with this person’s intelligence the disease and genetics were not an expertise of theirs. Yes, an understanding and circumstances what is happening and why. The medicines that could work or not be working.

This person clearly understood the medical terminology, chemical compounds involved with the medicines and the prognosis of death. It’s like telling Sheldon on Big Bang Theory and his reaction would be scientific in addition to having conversations about it matter of fact. Clearly, this was my friend’s persona about the situation.

dr nurses etiquette

dr nurses etiquette

Now in a hospital, you have several rotations of nurses and doctors in a day. This gets interesting. LISAonthego visited daily, she doesn’t know why and was led to be present. By the second week with all the rotations the nurses and doctors kept telling my friend she was going to die, not going home and they would make her as comfortable as possible.

Did LISAonthego say her friend has rare genetics? Also, LISAonthego shining her light and just being who she is, telling her friend positive antidotes, affirmations etc.

Finally, at the end of the second week, LISAonthego had enough, nurses coming in convincing my friend they’re going to die, with the rare genetics interns and doctors stopping by and giving an opinion of clearly, they know nothing about and you are going to die soon. LISAonthego felt this was a circus back in the 60’s.

At this point my friend knew and understood the doctors and as Sheldon from Big Bang Theory would scientifically discuss the matter. So, when the doctors and nurses didn’t believe the friends' matter of fact ways more than once nurse would call psych to talk to them. As LISAonthego came in the room on this day its now the third-time psych was called and LISAonthego said really, seriously it was the same psych person as before. The psych person then reacted on the nurse saying: So, what is wrong? Why am I here? This person clearly understands what is occurring? She’s not upset enough for you, what do you want her to do? Psych says she has an understanding, awesome attitude so doesn’t convince her otherwise and don’t call psych again. LISAonthego secretly cheered.

So, what is an attitude of dying?

What do you want a person to do? The friend wanted to enjoy what they had, live life to the fullest and continue working on their business, having friends at the bedside hospital what they loved to do.

Hospitals, nurses, doctors stop convincing patients of negatives, yes tell them they’re dying then tell them the tools and activities on are to help with comfort, relief etc.

LISAonthego’s friend purposely stopped taking some medicines that were clouding their judgment and in a few days getting the mental clarity back, they realized how they were treated. Check it out, she told the hospital, I agree with you I am dying and I will do so in my own home, release me, please. The hospital put there back up no, you can't-do that, you need us, you need the medicines here and my friend persisted and was released.

LOL, it’s a year later and my friend has the rare genetics, still having challenges and alive and well to you if you are willing to listen. GO, FRIEND!

Doctors and Nurses etiquette

it was in the last 30 years that people were told with a definitive how long they had to live with an illness. The younger generation grew up with loved ones being told they had xxx days or months and watched their loved ones go through the process. Also, they observed how they handled the news and the progression. This generation is not in fear mode, afraid or scared like the older generation; they are aware of what is occurring. So, let’s treat people with decency and respect them for those that cross and for those that face challenges and live to talk about it.

We are not in charge and neither are you, it is what it is, trust the destination you are meant to be at today.

Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

Not Feeling Well?

Not Feeling Well?

Not Feeling Well?

Not feeling well?

We all have a day when we are not feeling well. Are you having one of those days, not feeling well? LISAonthego is not feeling well today. On these days when not feeling well what bothers her is the way her mind thinks. It goes off into tangents. Her mind goes racing and into negative thoughts. It talks constantly and plays into not feeling well and goes on and on.

(Listen to the video below.)

Then LISAonthego is tired.

She is tired from what? Tired of not feeling well? The ego mind has LISAonthego on a merry-go-round during these times. Her mind just keeps going with no beginning, no end, and no solution. In these times she is to rise above this ego mind and put herself in the #spiritual heart-mind. Yes, this is much easier said than done, it takes concentration, effort, and energy. However once done, it feels great and this is the part to remember.

What to do, Change your thoughts and focus into your Spiritual Heart?

How do you go into the spiritual heart-mind? The very first most important thing for LISAonthego is to change her thoughts; Change her mind to being positive, being grateful and appreciative. By doing this it helps her to change her energy. Here is list is a few of the things LISAonthego does:

  1. Read her daily affirmations.
  2. Refocus her thoughts and do a meditation or yoga
  3. She visualizes people and/or things she loves (children, family, friends animals, tree, birds, pond, nature, mountains, beach) and brings them to her heart, get that feeling sensation of love that puts a smile on her face
  4. LISAonthego puts off taking medicines thinking (depending on scale of how she is feeling) and knows she will feel better and is learning just take the medicine because once she feels better this helps tremendously
  5. She takes a walk to just get out, remove herself from where she is and takes in the fresh air, Mr. Tucker loves this too
  6. LISAonthego will go for a massage, relieve the stress and tension
  7. Meet a friend or call one on the phone
  8. Watch a movie
  9. Have something healthy to eat
  10. Loving herself by doing something good for her (cooking, walking, etc)

Its different for everyone what works for you? Write a list so it is with you for these times of not feeling well.

In conclusion for LISAonthego, it is the ego mind to concentrate on other things. When the stories and dramas start, it is time to change her thoughts. The quickest and easiest for her is affirmations, telling herself: she can do this, she is awesome, she is wonderful, smart, funny, sexy, her own best friend, she is doing a great job and keep repeating it. By repeating the affirmations the ego mind forgets everything because it is concentrating how awesome she is and then taking an action, doing something to keep the momentum going. The next she knows time has gone by and she is feeling better, smiling, giggling and enjoying her day.



The Journey To Self Discovery Is A Thorny Path

The Journey To Self Discovery Is A Thorny Path

LISAonthego has a guest post blog and loves G's writings, come read today.

The Journey To Self Discovery Is A Thorny Path

I’ve been getting closer to a friend as of late. It’s been very enlightening. As an autistic adult, I don’t socialize well. I thrive in afterthought, or conversation summary not so much in conversational depth. But being around her has introduced me to things outside my depth. I’m challenging myself and really seeing where I fall short. While I have been taking this journey I have seen one repeating factor… Self-discovery is often embarked on by those wanting answers they are familiar with, and an expectation of different and new results.

The Journey To Self Discovery Is A Thorny Path

The Journey To Self Discovery Is A Thorny Path

Becoming A Spiritual Explorer

Learning who you are, opening your mind, your heart and your soul to good things… or a new path is exciting. There are a million ways to describe it. I should know… I did two group sessions yesterday with a group of spiritually driven women who are all about energy and healing and keeping your mind open to the universe. They all approached it differently.

But even among these powerful women I still felt it… That nagging sense that they too were explorers trying to explore new lands with old expectations and guidelines. I felt the limitation in their journey and saw it in mine. Even when they felt they were open to the universe and what it was bringing… they were closed to unfamiliar changes, unknown or unforeseen energies and saw old energies, familiar ones as the cure and compass to their new journey.

But how can that be? If it is our instinct to leave the negative energy and pursue new positive and well-balanced ones… how can we use our familiar compass to achieve the journey? It’s like using an old map that is no longer relevant… 

Think of it this way… If Explorers from hundreds of years ago… only ever used the maps they had… well simply put they would go in circles. Sometimes I think I see people going in spiritual circles… and not the good kind.

The Beaten Path

When you are exploring… there isn’t a map. That’s the whole darn point. So it’s going to be scary, and unfamiliar, exhilarating, and exciting. New worlds are like that. There could be danger there. There could also be amazing things. But you won’t ever get to them if you only want your familiar guides to lead you. Perhaps your comfort in your previous guides is misplaced in this journey. It doesn’t make them wrong… it makes them wrong for this journey. Like wearing 6-inch stiletto heels to do a triathlon. Don’t get me wrong… them pumps have a place and a time… but not in that journey.

Your energies and guides are not for always. They are for now. And now changes. So your guides and life compasses must upgrade too. When you are exploring you are no longer using the known maps… You are making them. And that’s not a bad thing. But it requires a whole different approach. You must embrace the ideology that your spiritual journey is one that no one has done before you. Because you are you. And you have never been done before but by you. There are no guides when you wish to take your mind and temple down a new spiritual road. 

There are others that may have taken their journey down the same ideology, but their map will not work for you. Because of human maps… soul maps… the map to who we are and how we see is ours alone. Our experiences are ours and can never be truly shared so much as experienced concurrently. 

Don’t get me wrong, we can share ourselves while we are on our own path, we can share our knowledge about the journey itself, we can even see that others have similar outcomes to their ideological and spiritual exploration… but we are factually alone. That can be scary. It can make us lean too strongly on what feels safe and stunt our efforts of change.

We shouldn’t fear alone. Nor should we continue to use only what we know as our guide to the new so we have a safety net of comfort.

Climbing Our Mountains

Life is a series of bumps and bruises. When you’re scaling a new and momentous mountain in your path you can use the skills your past guides have given you to remain strong and determined in your task. But you cannot hold yourself to familiar outcomes or expectations. Because happiness is a journey, not a destination. You will never arrive at happy. Happy is something you achieve along the way. You can only move forward. The happiness you had yesterday will not be here today even if you are standing still. Because time as a commodity is not traded but surrendered… and like sands through the hourglass, no matter which way you turn it… they will continue flowing until they run out. It’s within the flow that you find happiness.

So be an explorer. A rugged and untrained explorer. Get good at getting comfortable with the unknown. Mine the rocks and mountains along your path, pick the flowers you know and don’t know. But stop seeking solace and guidance in your new world with the repetitions of yesterday that left you longing for change, to begin with. Change starts when we recognize that the answers we seek are found in the questions themselves. The real challenge is accepting the unknown and using our past skills to handle the ups and downs along that unknown thorny path. 

Don’t give up on a path unknown because you don’t have answers you recognize as good possibilities. The best answers will always lead you to even better questions in hopefully a long reoccurring cycle driving you to new and amazing experiences. That there is the true definition of spiritual and emotional exploring.

This view from an autistic mind may not always meet you where you are at, but know without a doubt that I will continue to be here watching your journey from the inside of my mind's eye. I am a champion of journeys unknown and look forward to being here each and every day along with your path.

Blessed Be,

You are here, you are loved, and you are courageous.




I am me.

LISAonthego loves who she is and likes who she is too. Sometimes we have one without the other. We could love and not like us and we could like and not love us. Finding the balance of both is finding your peace. This has been years of LISAonthego working on herself. She realizes now it is so easy to get caught up in everyone else's stuff and think they are right too.

How do you get to know you?

Who are you? The speakers, tools, and activities on are what LISAonthego used to find herself. This had her look at herself and guided her to healing. However, once you are on the path, it's not done. This is a continual process and spiritualfitnessonthego is adding new content as LISAonthego grows so does the website. LISAonthego wants to make it easier for others to find their path and whats right for them.


Years ago LISAonthego came up with the motto: when I do things others want me to do, I get angry with myself and when I do what I want to do, others get mad at me. Others? Who are others? What makes others so right? Others for LISAonthego were the authoritative figures in her life, who she felt would know best. Example, doctor, teacher, parent etc. and in reality, they don't know any more than she does.

When I do things others want me to do, I get angry with myself and when I do what I want to do, others get mad at me.

Others? Who are others? What makes others so right? Others for LISAonthego were the authoritative figures in her life, who she felt would know best. Example, doctor, teacher, parent etc. and in reality, they don't know any more than she does.

LISAonthego has learned to go within and listen to herself. Yes, she has listened to everyone else and is now listening to herself.  Making her own mistakes with her own choices. They are her mistakes, her choices and not others in perceiving what they think is best. Conclusion others have many judgments and interpretations of our stories and drama and yet they truly don't know what is best. It's important to get know us, we all get lost on our journeys. Our paths change and is here to guide us on our paths that are comfortable for us.

Have a great day. Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego














Changing Others

Changing Others?

(youtube video of the blog at the end of the page, excluding Laura Fontane's Facebook Live Talk)

Changing Others? Could you make someone else change? LISAonthego says no. For her to change is by her own will.

This is accomplished by a choice or decision she made that didn’t go the way she anticipated. This could be negative or positive. However, the outcome impacted or influenced her life that she wanted to change.

Change isn’t always easy positive or negative. It's changing into the unknown; it’s uncomfortable and different.

LISAonthego will take the situation or event and process it. Typically, first her ego chatter mind and then she will go within and listen to her heart. Going within and listening to her heart gives her the direction she wants to take. Then a change for her could occur.

Could others influence a change?

LISAonthego says yes, absolutely. You make a choice or decision, and others give their opinions. Their opinions are usually not ones she had processed. People could be upset, angry or laughing and think it’s funny. However, listening to their viewpoints on your choices or decisions could influence change.

Laura Fontane did a Facebook Live, very well done Laura, thank you. LISAonthego thought about her talk, and the blog came upon to write.

How could a change occur? In Laura’s talk (humorously done) she talked about her children and said:

Child: Mom could I use the car?

Laura: Is your room clean?

Child: No.

Laura: Then no.

Child: Mom could I have money for the movies?

Laura: Is your room clean?

Child: No.

Laura: Then no.

Child: What’s for dinner?

Laura: Are the dishes clean?

Child: No.

Laura: Then no clean dishes for dinner

Laura your imitation on Facebook live was awesome and very funny. However, here a change could be made. A child could choose to clean their room and dishes; in exchange to have the car, money and clean dishes for dinner. We can’t make someone do something. However, we could influence them and if it’s important to you; something you want, then you could make the change. In these circumstances, everyone wins.

Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

LISAonthego, What Triggers YOU?

LISAonthego, What Triggers YOU? What is a trigger? For LISAonthego it is a negative feeling that sparks into her deepest core of who she is. It reminds her of not being good enough, and she is feeling alone or separate. Then she reacts or responds.

What triggers you and what do you do about it?

When LISAonthego is triggered she fall backs on to her addiction of eating. LISAonthego feels we all have addictions, some more noticeable than others. Depending on the trigger depends on the reaction or response. LISAonthego is learning to acknowledge the triggers and to respond. Reactions are more aggressive, more noticeable, revengeful, even on us and egotistical.

In the past week, she had a day that triggered the best of her, criticism. Others told her what they think, being outright rude, negative and she didn’t ask or even suggest an opinion on what they thought about her life now or in past. Later LISAonthego hides like a turtle goes into her shell to process. When she comes out she's craving the carby, sugary foods. However this time, she stopped, listened and thought about it. What would eating accomplish?

LISAonthego loves hugs and the feeling of being comforted.

Eating gives this same feeling but it doesn’t resolve the event, comment or situation. Eating gives her the thoughts of how we use a band-aid. Temporarily feeling better; until the thoughts come up again and again. Then she eats the carby, sugary foods and the cycle continues. This time as she ate she acknowledged the feelings and concludes this doesn’t resolve anything; as that situation, event or comment came into her thoughts again and again. It's just a band-aid to those feelings until they passed. This is awesome, LISAonthego now sees and feels the cycle.

Eating for her is an action to divert the attention from acknowledging her feelings of being hurt or feeling unwanted, unloved, betrayed, embarrassed or humiliated.

LISAonthego looking at herself realizes this is one of her triggers. She is currently making a list so she knows her triggers to make a change. She needs to change her reactions otherwise there will be no changes. When she writes down her triggers she needs to also go within and write down how she could change her reaction so eating will not be her go to place. LISAonthego realizes this is an addiction. The addiction speaks to her and gives her a false sense of feeling better. It is just a reaction that she interprets as feeling better to get through it. LISAonthego now needs to change or she will continue to get the same results. At these times she could focus on the tools and activities at Spiritualfitnessonthego to make a positive change.

LISAonthego has allowed others to define who she is by their comments or remarks. She knows for herself these are untrue however she gives the power to others of authority thinking they know best and they do not. By allowing or believing others false judgments or interpretations she gives her power away, her energies away and LISAonthego goes into the ego of self-doubt to coping with an addiction until she could heal and until the next time. 

LISAonthego is choosing when triggered to do the activities and tools in Spiritualfitnessonthego and listen to herself spiritually in her heart and to do what resonates with her. The first part to know and to recognize is What Triggers You? LISAonthego will make a list today so she could do things differently and get different results. Imagine what these could be and what life could be like! Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

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Obesity Crisis

Obesity Crisis?

Think Again: 'There is no obesity crisis' (YOUTUBE video below the LISAonthego's blog), it's awesome, detailed, informative and makes sense.

LISAonthego's feels the word obesity is being misused today. For this blog, she is referring to obesity as being overweight and functioning in society well and caring for yourself. Truly being obese is a medical condition and for LISAonthego is someone who is overweight and can't take care of themselves on a daily basis due to their body physicalness caused by the weight. Everyone regardless
of our weight could "Shape-UP" our mind, bodies, and spirit, read more....

(an honest moment for LISAonthego - Professionals refer to her as "obese"). In LISAonthego's opinion, she is overweight. This video helped her to move forwards and start working on "Shaping UP" come join LISAonthego today with her quest.

LISAonthego loves this video it resonates for her. In the back of her mind, she has felt being overweight is not the main issue. If this were true then the professionals would have a specific food diet with the components we need quote/unquote "healthy". If this were true she feels with our technology and knowledge we would have a pill formula that would be designed to fulfill our human requirements. In addition, this could end world hunger.

With that being said the fad diets don't work even the best known. Two years ago LISAonthego did a health fad and a few months later a good friend joined too. We both lost weight, however, we also lost half our hair and breaking of nails etc. We also both gained back the weight. LISAonthego is ready to do this again her own way. Eating the foods that resonate with her, along with exercising, walking, yoga, meditation and just get up and around more.

LISAonthego will be using the tools and activities on This website has yoga for everyone (Chair Yoga to Advanced Power Flow). LISAonthego will keep you updated on her progress. Today is the day she will start, tomorrow comes and goes, so there's no better time than in the present moment.

LISAonthego calls her new routine "Shaping UP" to feel and look your best overall.

LISAonthego also agrees with the video thinner people are not healthier or live longer than overweight people.

Back to the point. I agree with the video in LISAonthego's experience this has been true. She is not saying go ahead and be overweight, eat and drink the wrong foods for you. She is saying what are you comfortable with looking? Yes, LISAonthego also agrees with the video about exercise and says no it doesn't need to be hard-core. However, a well-structured routine to keep our bodies moving and circulating. The tools and activities on have something for everyone. Now including wholesome products: skin care, candles, jewelry etc. (Come check out our shop

Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

#Shaping UP

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