Drama and Stories

Drama and Stories

We all have drama and stories its part of being human and nothing we could do to stop it.

What could we do about the drama and stories?

As the drama is going through the process we could take a time out, calm down and L.I.D.E. This helps so we aren’t reacting (negatively) and responding (positively). Initially when the drama is occurring our ego chatter minds are going and we are reacting. Therefore, LISAonthego is learning to L.I.D.E. and take a time out.

L.I.D.E. – Take the event, circumstance or situation and label it, identify it and describe the emotion that you are feeling. Why? Look at the link and go to the chart to help: label, identify and describe the emotion you are experiencing.


Then take a time out

During the timeout when her ego mind chatter is going, she is learning to change her thoughts. By changing her thoughts, the energy and manifestation changes for her to be peaceful. By changing her thoughts, she may see another perspective.

When we are in the stories and dramas they have the power over us, with the ego chatter mind going. However, when LISAonthego L.I.D.E. her events, circumstances or situation, she regains her power over it and understands what she is experiencing.

Also, when LISAonthego L.I.D.E.’s she is understanding her feelings about the situation. When the drama is going strong and now she understands herself, she changes her stories. This maybe not doing or saying something, laughing, allowing the other person to have their own journey and she has the choices how to respond. Recently, her choice in a situation is not be in the others company, no confrontation, no anger etc. This is LISAonthego loving LISAonthego and having her feel safe and protected from other outbursts.

We have choices to react or respond, be in the ego chatter mind or L.I.D.E., go within or react. We have options for ourselves what feels peaceful for us from the spiritual heart. The bottom line we have choices, we know us and what’s best for us. Choose for you!

Have a great day! LISAonthego




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 Kate CurranChair Yoga, Benefits - Good alignment, increasing circulation, eliminating toxins, improving digestion, enhancing breathing, aiding sleep, easing depression, calming etc.


 Colin Flegeal & Kimberly Monks- Fun and exciting way to connect and deepen your relationship. True enlightenment comes when we learn to live in harmony with others. Participants will be guided though simple meditative exercises. Series of deeply relaxing yoga and movement assists with yoga massage techniques, and guided bodywork.

What is friends/partners/couples Yoga?


 Conscious Couples/Partners/Friends Yoga


Guided Meditation

Beth Brotz – Letting Go of What You Don’t Need #2, Description - This meditation teaches the listener how to release difficult, negative thoughts, beliefs and emotions.


Dianne Hawthorne – Suitcase Guided Meditation , A journey through releasing emotional baggage.


Inspired Speakers

Kalie Marino, Critical addiction – Our #1 Social Disease, a social disease we catch from others, is the underlying cause of all addictions and most social problems. Yet it sweeps our world unnoticed—creating an epidemic of immense proportion and leaving chaos in its wake.


Edie Weinstein, It’s All About Relationships. It’s All About Relationships. We are relational beings, born into families and growing up in communities. The ways in which we understand ourselves and the others who surround us throughout our lives, allows us to live happier, healthier and more satisfying and productive lives. This presentation will offer insights into the ways we can enhance every relationship, beginning with the woman or man in the mirror.

 https://spiritualfitnessonthego.com/inspired-speakers/its-all-about-relationships/ ‎

Why I am proud to be a B*itch,

B*itch = being in total control herself



Thoughts Do they Impact Us?

It appears this has been a tough week for some people. Is it the black moon? A black moon is when two new moons in the same month occurs. The new moon represents new beginnings and opening the door for a change. This is the time cultivate, create and manifest what we want in our lives. LISAonthego says this is the time we reflect within ourselves and our thoughts that could impact our lives. With the black moon in existence this is influencing us to decide what we truly want.  This looks like to be a tough time for some and yet pushes us to who we want to be.

The theory is you have an emotion that starts the thoughts within us to project (manifest) to our reality of life. This is a hard concept to understand. LISAonthego has some friends teaching her how thoughts impact our lives unbeknownst to them.

How does thoughts impact our lives?

Sunshine is terminally ill and has been for over ten years. What an amazing soul and teacher. Her thoughts are like no other LISAonthego has ever met or encountered. Three weeks ago Sunshine fell and hurt her ankle that spiraled her body out of control. She was in the hospital for 2+ weeks. LISAonthego visited often.

Sunshines attitude and thoughts are: life is precious, I am not ready to go and won't, it will be against my will. The doctors and nurses kept telling Sunshine, her numbers are really bad, you are truly an ill person and you won't survive this episode. You are going to die. Sunshine would tell them its not my choice. I shower daily, make my bed, feed myself, walk a mile a day here and sitting up and talking to you. They still didn't believe her and would call the psych ward they would try to explain you are not going to survive.

Sunshine would say to her friends and family they don't know me. Her Chemo medication usage was exceedingly high and she would refuse all, yes, all pain medications. Sunshine would say if I don't have sound thoughts, then I can't make the right choices for me. LISAonthego wouldn't believe this either however she experienced this as it is happening. 

Thoughts they do impact us.

Sunshine's thoughts are I am well! I could do this! I got this! I am okay! I am healthy! I have amazing family and friends that help and support me. This is how I do it! I have my thoughts, negative thoughts are not allow to enter and when they do I press the delete button. Its okay the blood level numbers are off, I feel my body is fighting and I am doing my job. Sunshine would say this all day long to whomever visited and you are now cheerleading along with her.

It's now Monday morning, Sunshine is telling her doctor I am leaving and going home tomorrow. This is incredible, the doctors says you are not supposed to be here, you were to die last week. Sunshine says no and tells him I am going home.

LISAonthego says to herself, you don't understand the power of our thoughts. LISAonthego wish she could say to the doctor and staff, stop telling her she is dying, we all are and tell her she is doing great you could do this! You have an awesome attitude, thoughts matter more than you know.

Sunshine is home, resting on the couch, talking, visiting with family/friends and working. Yes working!!!

What? LISAonthego is amazed to see and watch how our thoughts impact our lives moment to moment. Sunshine is an angel teaching and guiding so many of us. The power of thoughts is an energy that is unmeasurable! What are your thoughts today? You could do it!!! 

Sunshine, LISAonthego appreciates your friendship and teachings more than you will ever know. YOU EMPOWER OTHERS!!! YOU GO GIRL!!!! YOU GOT THIS!!! Have a great day. Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego




What is Guided Meditation?

What is Guided Meditation
by Beth Brotzbeth brotz

An Introduction and What is Guided Meditation with a sample meditation. Beth Brotz did an amazing audio/video explaining. This is informative, detailed, easy to understand and to do. Enjoy your adventure learning one of the great facets of today's world. Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego


GuidedMeditationOnTheGo Is fun and easy! Just listen, visualize the scene/picture to what is being said by the meditator. Focus on the scene/picture being described. When you hear or see your thoughts try to pay no attention to these thoughts and see them go by, relax and this is known as meditating. Sounds easier than it is, good luck!

Here is the list of meditation and with whom is leading, click on the leader and the meditations and biographies are there own page. Thank you and have a great experience.


The Dalai Lama has said that although attempting to bring about world peace through the internal transformation of individuals is difficult, it is the only way. Peace must first be developed within an individual, and once it is, he or she is then able to create an atmosphere of peace and harmony. This atmosphere can be expanded and extended from the individual to his friends and family, from those friends and family to the community, and eventually to the whole world. This is why I do the work I do.

After careers spanning management consulting, stay-at-home parenting and transactional real estate law, I currently coach individuals and teach meditation to groups, and, being passionate about the benefits of meditation, I love working with people in this way. I excel at helping beginners learn how to meditate, but more experienced meditators also benefit from working with me. Sessions with me can lead to better stress management and more inner peace, and I also teach Buddhist psychology-based strategies for dealing with things like physical pain and difficult emotions. My group classes and private sessions provide a chance for you to stop and breathe regularly in order to be a little more grounded and centered, or, for those who want it, a deeper experience of spiritual growth and learning. My teaching style is gentle, without judgment; I help people learn how to love themselves.

Among other things, meditation is about developing the ability to focus and free yourself from the craziness your mind puts you through all the time. There are different ways to accomplish that, meditatively speaking. My work with individuals includes some time discussing whatever is on the client’s mind and how a spiritual approach and meditation might be useful, followed by a guided meditation specifically tailored to whatever came up during the discussion. Sessions are 45-minutes long, and because they usually take place by telephone, I can coach no matter where in the world you happen to be. I have conducted telephone sessions with people all over the United States as well as overseas.

I also work regularly with groups in northern Los Angeles County, California teaching and leading guided meditations.

For more information about me, visit:


or email me at brotzfam@earthlink.net

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How to Fit Kate Curran’s #Yoga in Your Day

Kate Curran with www.spiritualfitnessonthego.com

You are going about your day and it’s beyond a full day. Yoga is something you chose to put in your life and you realize you just won’t be able to fit in to your schedule. No guilt, no remorse or worries you know somehow you are going to take care of you, because you know if you don’t care of you no-one else will. You are now done contemplating and arrange things in your schedule where you could find 20 minutes. A few minutes early here and a few minutes late there, you have a device on yourself (phone, computer, tablet etc) and you go to …..the (park, office, home or friends). You are excited you found the time for you to do the office chair yoga from Spiritual Fitness On The Go. Afterwards you are saying to yourself I love Kate Curran’s quick, easy, office chair yoga its perfect for me “my clothes don’t get wrinkled”, “I don’t sweat”, “oh this was so worth it”, “I feel so much better and relaxed” and there is a smile on your face. Office chair is for everyone, anytime of the day. Its funny how things work out, the appointment you were early for is either done early or cancels and the one your going to be late for is running late. Why stress and trust taking care of yourself is most important and everything from your day will fall into place. Office chair yoga revitalizes your energy, reduces stress and you feel great.

Chair Yoga

#Yoga Classes for Couples, Partners and Friends

Couples Yoga

By: Colin Flegeal & Kimberly Monks

What is friends/partners/couples yoga - this requires 2 people

A Fun And Exciting Way To Connect And Deepen Your Relationship. True Enlightenment Comes When We Learn To Live In Harmony With Others. Participants Will Be Guided Though Simple Meditative Exercises, A Series Of Deeply Relaxing Yoga And Movement Assists With Yoga Massage Techniques, And Guided Bodywork. This Ongoing Workshop Is Designed To Build Trust, Communication Joy And Intimacy Through The Power Of Compassionate Touch And Connection. Yoga Experience Is Not Required.

                        What is friends/partners/couples Yoga

                      Conscious Couples/Partners/Friends Yoga

                      Couples, Partners, Friends Yoga 2 Class CLIP

                      Couples, Partners, Friends Yoga 2 Class


COLIN FLEGEAL - is an energy healer trained in the art of Shiatsu. His understanding of connection to spirit and health was nurtured from birth as a result of being raised in a household where food didn't come packaged and healing was brought about with prayerful meditation. Colin began practicing yoga and meditation in 1994. Recent studies include Vipassana meditation, Conscious Masculinity with Dr. Robert Glover, Shin Tai with Saul Goodman, Munay Ki Shamanism with Leo McElroy, and Reiki 2 with Val and Ian Haag. He lives in Lansdale and is the father of four children. 
KIMBERLY MONKS radiates a joy for living a healthy, happy, and fulfilling life. Kimberly is a certified Holistic Health Practitioner and member of the AADP. (American Association of Drugless Practitioners) She is an intuitively skilled Shiatsu Practitioner, offering healing bodywork on physical, emotional and mental levels; and studied at ISS (International School of Shiatsu). She became a certified Yoga Instructor from Yogasphere in Newtown. Kimberly’s passions include veganism, healthy living, meditation and mindful movement, acro yoga, nature and connecting with self, others, and source.


The Purpose of The Center for Longevity is to nourish and serve the evolution of all who wish to awaken. We offer the community a safe place to learn and grow. We incorporate the timeless teachings and the practice of Yoga and Meditation, Touch and Sound Therapy, Relationship Education, and Longevity Coaching. The natural order of the universe calls us to remember the wisdom of the ages. Only through realignment with our divinity can the frequency of humanity return to harmony.

http://thecenterforlongevity.com/ (215) 791-5829, (267) 475-3216, TheCenterforLongevity@gmail.com

KATE CURRAN – The style Yoga’s Kate Teaches

#Chair #Yoga or “Yoga for Everyone”

Chair yoga poses, which include stretching, bending and twisting, offer all the benefits of a regular yoga practice: teaching good alignment, increasing circulation, eliminating toxins, improving digestion, enhancing breathing, aiding sleep, easing depression, calming the mind and relieving stress.  Chair yoga can be done anywhere, in your office, at home on vacation etc.

Chair yoga poses adapt to all levels of strength and flexibility. Some poses include forward bends, where you hang over your legs; spinal twist, turning to each side; and side stretch, raising one arm overhead and bending to the opposite side. These poses all ease tension and improve flexibility.  There are also compression exercises, which compress areas such as the ascending and descending colon and thyroid.  Compressing the blood furin.

I have even included eye exercises designed to be done at your desk to relieve eyestrain as a result of staring at a computer all day.

#Sun #Salutation

Surya Namaskar, the Sun Salutation, is a series of 12 postures performed in a single, graceful flow. Each movement is coordinated with the breath. Inhale as you extend or stretch, and exhale as you fold or contract. The Sun Salutation builds strength and increases flexibility. Different styles of yoga perform the Sun Salutation with their own variations. However, the flow covers core steps used in most styles.

For the series, a single round consists of two complete sequences: one for the right side of the body and the other for the left.

On days when you think you have no time for yoga, try and do at least one or two rounds of the Sun Salutation. You’ll feel the difference.

Yoga #Flow

#Vinyasa yoga, in which movement is synchronized to the breath, is a term that covers a broad range of yoga classes. This style is sometimes also called flow yoga, because of the smooth way that the poses run together and become like a dance. The breath becomes an important component because the teacher will instruct you to move from one pose to the next to inhale or exhale. Vinyasa is literally translated from Sanskrit as meaning “connection,” according to Ellen Stansell, PhD, RYT, a scholar of yogic literature and Sanskrit. In terms of yoga asana, we can interpret this as a connection between movement and breath

Yoga #Back #Exercises

These are yoga poses (#asanas), on the floor designed to strengthen your back and your core area.  It is most vital to keep the back and core strong and aligned.  



What is #Sun #Salutation #Yoga by #Spiritualfitnessonthego

Surya Namaskar1Hi Everyone! #LISA-on-the-go is learning right along the side with you, so the questions she asks herself she asks for you too and gives the best answers she can. What is Sun Salutation Yoga also Known as Surya Namaskar? Surya (sun) is the soul and Namaskar (salutation) is saluting to the sun, together it means your soul saluting to the sun. Sun Salutation is an awesome way to warm-up to an intense workout whether a sport or to move on to harder yoga positions. It is performed in a series of poses that flows with the breath. Some of the positions may be different with each instructor and yet have the same benefits and intent. This helps to regulate your breathing, relax and focus. Each position done in the series counteracts the next position to stretching slowly, gracefully and with ease. The intent is to improve strength, flexibility and a workout for the whole body. Also, some of the benefits are: improves the blood circulation, it impacts the organs positively, helps our body system to function more smoothly, we are more relaxed and have a better attitude. Please drink water afterward and during the day to help replenish and nourish your system after a workout.

You could do this on your own or join us and perform a class with Kate Curran at www.spiritualfitnessonthego.com

Sun salutation (a good practice number is around the clock 12 times)

Go at a pace comfortable for you that resonate and feel right for you and your body

12pm – salutation, normal restful breathing

1pm –raised arms positions, inhale

2pm – hand to foot position exhale

3pm – equestrian position inhale (right side)

4pm – mountain position exhale

5pm – eight limbs position paused breathe

6pm – cobra posture – inhale

7pm – mountain position – exhale

8pm – equestrian position – inhale (left side)

9pm – hand to foot position – exhale

10pm – raised arms position – inhale

11pm – salutation position – normal restful breath

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