Discussion or Debate as a Verbal Concept Art

Discussion or Debate as a Verbal Concept Art

Changing Subjects for Avoidance

LISAonthego is talking about Changing Subject for Avoidance. Have you ever been in someone’s presence that makes you uncomfortable? For you they are critical and you could do nothing right so as avoidance you do the subject dance. This could be a great talent with pro and cons. The pros you could talk to anyone and anywhere. Have great conversations and once there is a buzzword or a comment you could change the subject. When done you could learn a lot about someone from their personal lives to their professional careers. It is tap dancing at the pace of the responses and once a buzzword or comment appears you tap to another beat. The downside to tap dancing and changing conversations you are in the ego mind. Allowing others to define your conversations, talking in short, fragment conversations. This was an awesome diversion in the past. The tap dance of jumping conversations is avoiding criticism or a specific subject. However, the new generation has changed this kind of talk, they insist and command clear, precise, specific talk. Say what you mean, mean what you say and say it so that everyone understands, say it ten different ways but say it so your message is cleared and deliverable to one and all. This works too as another diversion you could keep to the one topic and go round and round however it is the same circle. It is the talk of avoidance. #LISAonthego. When in an uncomfortable situation of feeling confronted, excuse yourself. This tap dance of avoidance subjects is no longer useful. A way to do this differently is our cell phones, you could say, oops, “excuse me” I have been waiting for this text, email, message etc. Walk away and look busy, play a quick game on your phone, a word in Scrabble or call someone. Remove yourself from the situation. This will give you a timeout to breathe. If you are at one of those events and can’t avoid the person or situation, take your time, you could get a drink, an appetizer etc. the conversation starts again, excuse yourself for a napkin, talk about where you are, the food etc. or when getting a drink, appetizer etc. start a conversation with someone near you, start by saying, nice place? Good food? Great DJ? Love this area? And slowly the small chitchat could turn into a chat, whom do you know? How do you know them? Where are you from? No more subjects for avoidance. You learned to tap dance to your tune and find others that appreciate you and your conversations. Good Luck. LISAonthego

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