Could you Control Your Energy?

Could you Control Your Energy? LISAonthego says yes. We are all kinds of energy that we call e-motions. Our emotion gives the signal to the energy that is coming from us. LISAonthego is having a unique experience and is delving deeper into the meaning of energy and emotion. When someone says something to you or about you that are funny, your emotions are happy and you may smile, when someone says something to you or about you that are negative, your emotions could be angry and you may frown. Whether you smile or frown is the reaction to the emotion that you gave energy too. As LISAonthego is thinking about this, then writing, then thinking and then processing it; it gets more and more interesting. Something occurred recently believe it or not; LISAonthego was the subject of someone else's anger while trying to help them. They were much older, insisting on doing things their way and getting the same results, nowhere for a few hours. LISAonthego went to step in to help and was blasted, horrifically and yes in public. In the past this would have been detrimental, extremely upsetting and the onlookers would have had her feel inferior. However as this occurred she noticed the emotion from the other person, the energy and being directed at LISAonthego, however LISAonthego watched, heard this occur and basically laughed it off, knowing it had nothing to do with her, she didn’t take on the energy or the emotion and then noticed they were no onlookers (many people around and nearby). Are you an energy force that could be changed? LISAonthego says yes, because she realizes she didn’t have an emotion or reaction so there was no energy coming forth, which led it to peace for her. What if LISAonthego did react and was upset embarrassed, allowing and encountering the older persons words, energy and taking it on? She believes then onlookers would have looked and responded with emotion, energy too (a frown, raised eyebrow etc). Wow, do we really have control over our emotions and reaction that cause energy? What do you think? LISAonthego

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Could U Control UR Energy? By LISAonthego with copyright 2015


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