LISAonthego is disappointed with herself. What to do? Here is the story. She started on her journey over three years ago, the website. As life goes, its the rollercoaster ride you have the ups and downs. Four years ago LISAonthego took a look within herself and concluded to proceed with the website. She has the vision, the ambition, some of the know how's and the obstacles of any business, some you don't know until you are their. What has happened? Some poor choices on website companies. They make it sound good like they know what they are doing and in fact they don't. This has happened several times. 

LISAonthego recently went out on a search. She started looking at the higher end website companies. In conclusion, places declined or wanted to charge absorbent amount of monies. One company declined, we do websites that are business cards or brochure types your website is interactive, good luck less that 10% do these. What? What? LISAonthego didn't put this in perspective until now, wow, the website companies do not know how to do her website. Three years in the making and thought it was her and now its not her, its companies pretending and telling you what you need. They could do it and in the end can't do it at all. 

Disappointed with you? What to do?

LISAonthego discovered this news recently and is taking it personally, disappointed in herself. This is where LISAonthego walks her path, this is not being done to her, it is being done for her. It's okay, find your peace, go within and forgive yourself. Really, really want me to do this? She is upset, confused and not understanding. Again, this is not being done to you, it is being done for you. Okay, however she is in her Ego mind, having a pity party and you know what that is okay too. She gets what is happening she also gets this doesn't go away overnight and feels she needs some downtime.

Their is no rush for answers and in actuality take this time for herself. These are the times that new directions and ideas come forth. This is also the time you discover who you are and what you want.

Taking the time for you.

During this time, LISAonthego meets a new friend, who is terminally ill and is guided to be at her side. Its not everyday someone comes in your life that you connect with and want to spend to time. Her friend is awesome, she is funny, intelligent, kind, loving and interesting.

One of the common grounds in our lives is, we are a rubber band. Each one of us at the other end. My friend not well and LISAonthego at a standstill with her business and we are spending time, talking and talking and talking. Being at the opposite ends of the rubber band, we value each others perspectives on life. Learning from each other. In fact we do share in common, morals, ethics and values this is important to us both and this is the glue to our friendship.


Is LISAonthego disappointed with herself?

(video below, come watch or listen to LISAonthego BLOG Disappointed with you? What to do?)


In actuality, no. She is learning about herself. Her mind and visions are expanding and moving forwards with the website. However, she has learned she needs time to mourn what she thought was and this is what she needs to realize. We could talk our paths, walk our paths however on all paths they are crossroads and at the crossroad to sit down and allow the feelings. Allowing the feelings and letting it go, surrendering is healthy and start anew.

LISAonthego is at the crossroads and ready to get up and start again. She has concluded the website will move forwards just not how she thought it was and looks forward to the adventures. Its all okay these are the times we get to know ourselves, grow and make changes. Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego 

*** the video has a dedication to her new friend and thanking her for being her and being in her life.

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