LISAonthego Good Girl-Boy?

LISAonthego Good Girl-Good Boy? Are you a good girl-good boy? #LISAonthego has watched, learned, talked and was the good girl. Therefore she is writing from knowledge, experience and talking with others. You know when you were growing up and told you are such a good girl good boy. The praise felt good, so you then did what everyone else wanted you to do. In truth this made life easier for everyone else. Now as an adult she recognizes that she put everyone else first, would anticipate what he or she wanted, how he or she wanted it and when he or she wanted it. LISAonthego loved praise and in wanting this, lost herself. Therefore, when the day came and she was a single parent; she was also alone for the very first time in her life. When she awoke that first time, when the children were with their father for the weekend she was lost. All of her life was on praise and giving to others and now she awakes asking herself; Who Am I? What do I like or want in my life? This was an exciting time and the process began. She understands how she became the good girl; and now more importantly is learning about herself and being the best she could be and be who she wants to be by her standards, her self-worth, her confidence etc. Through her writing and blogs LISAonthego is helping herself heal and showing how she has learned about herself. Many people for many, many, many reasons lose themselves in life and don’t know where to learn about themselves. This is where LISAonthego blogs is a guide in what she did to help you along your path. Also some of the tools and activities she uses is on Good Luck to you and have a great day. Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego


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