LISAonthego I am that I am & that is who I am!

LISAonthego says It doesn't matter what someone else thinks of you and what choice # you are to them. What matters is what you know about you and you are always #1! Be who you want to be and start in this moment. LISAonthego says be who you want to be and start acting,  portraying the person you want to be. Below is a list of qualities that she enjoys being around and makes a point to do in her life. Right now in this moment. You are the star and creator of you and be proud who you want to be and are today. Start a list of what you want and then go for it, put yourself around the things and people you want to be. LISAonthego wants to be inspiring to others, interact with positive people, out of the box thinkers, having choices in her own life, eat healthy, shape up, be the best she could be and be around: smart, witty, funny, at peace, surrounded in love, processing life and letting go, appreciative people those that are grateful and love being who they are. You walk your own path in your own footsteps and this is who you are. Take me as I am or walk another path, choice is yours.  I am that I am and that is who I am! Have a great day. Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

photo by Girls Nite In - Bitches Unite

BE THE BEST YOU COULD BE! Wellness and Preventive

Tone your Body, Heal your Mind, Open your Heart!

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