L.I.D.E. (LEEDY) Part 2 LISAonthego


L.I.D.E. (LEEDY) Part 2 LISAonthego. LISAonthego says L.I.D.E. pronounced LEEDY -stands for labeling, identifying and describing your emotions. On LISAonthego’s journey she has learned the one simple tool not discussed that helps her on her path and it is called L.I.D.E.

She has learned that feelings and emotions are usually stuffed down. Then we put them into a story. Now we have the story; he said, she said, they did; it’s all out their L.I.D.E. to helps us to bring it to ourselves. This is how we heal and grow in life. However when we bypass the L.I.D.E. it will come up again and again in our situations and events. There is something we need to learn, By going within on L.I.D.E. we bring it to a light have an aaahh moment, understand it, acknowledge it, let it go and surrender it. This helps us to move forwards, change and understand who we are. Isn’t this the point?

LISAonthego says ultimately she wants understand and know who she is on the inside. The inside is what remains with us for eternity and the outside is our body. Our bodies we dress up with makeup, clothes, jewelry etc. and it is temporary to this lifetime. We are forever so lets learn to truly know and understand ourselves. This is the gift we give ourselves in this lifetime, getting to know us.

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L.I.D.E. (LEEDY) Part 2 LISAonthego

In addition to how we treat others, how we make others feel is a reflection on us, not having a good moment with someone then do the L.I.D.E. label, identify, describe your emotion in the moment. Get out of the story and look at yourself. Okay, you still don’t think it’s about you? It doesn’t resonate for you? L.I.D.E. it again, this is for you; maybe the emotion is a being taken advantage of, feeling attacked, bullied or having a feeling of embarrassment, anger, ashamed etc. the gift is L.I.D.E. the situation or event and take an action of loving yourself by removing yourself, not interacting, changing your interaction. Now you have L.I.D.E the situation or event and could make a positive difference for yourself. Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

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