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TOOLS AND ACTIVITIES TO INSPIRE YOUR LIFE (Inspired Speakers, A Course in Miracles & LISAonthego BLOGS)

Yoga & Guided Meditation is the best remedy for all the modern day stresses you are suffering from. It nourishes your spirit, fills you with energy and keeps you happy on every moment. Yoga & Guided Meditation perfectly blends physical movements that makes you strong, with the power of meditation that helps you feel the purest of delight.

  • Practice yoga, guided meditation from anywhere at anytime.
  • Read, Watch, Listen Inspired Speakers, A Course in Miracles, LISAonthego BLOGS (loved by thousands)
  • Watch classes and speakers on any device.
  • Enjoy Unlimited 24X7 Access.
  • Get Expert instruction is readily available.
  • Affordable fees (Less than what most gyms charge for 3 months).
  • Perform with family and friends.
  • Learn about you

Get Expert instruction and professionals readily available

Spiritual Fitness on the go ( gives you the best way to practice Yoga & Guided Meditation. Read, listen, watch Inspired Speakers, A Course in Miracles and LISAonthego BLOGS. Learning about you. If you want to know more, please give information below..

    Get Expert instruction is readily available

    DIAGNOSED WITH AN ILLNESS? HAVING SYMPTOMS, in treatment, STRESSED, ANXIETY;  We are here to help with tools and activities. Yoga classes, listen to: Guided Meditations, Inspired Speakers, A Course in Miracles lessons, LISAonthego blog

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