Stops on the TRAIN 



How many stops are on your train? Its your train, your own story, below is a sample Train. Where is your train stopping?

First stop, you get on with your parents and the older siblings

Next stop, Younger siblings hop on

Parents are here to guide us to our independence

Siblings are here to teach us: what is important to us, having us stand up for ourselves, our first best friends, learn to share, life is not fair, learn from watching others, caring and supporting others

Preschool/Activities STOP, Preschool & 1st activities – New friends come on-board, we have things in common

Next stop, By 5 years old we know what is right and wrong.

Primary School STOP – We learn to let go of pre-school friends (they go to other schools) and we make new friends. We start learning we are different. Friends and family teach us many lessons and we teach them too.

College STOP – The prior training make us ready for college and/or to live on our own. Parents, siblings, friends learn to let us go and we let them go and choose our journeys.

Man looking over a womans shoulder on the train at her phone screen.

At each station people get on/off and new stories come along with us too and some stories leave too.

The people who board the train or leave the train play a part in our lives. Some stay on the train for many stations and some get off at the next stop. Between the stops is our life journey, playing the stories/drama and learning about us. LISAonthego realizes we are truly on the train alone and appreciate the company, love and support. Ultimately, we are on this journey by ourselves and make choices. What we want in our world? What we are? (Jobs, clothes, cars, type of home etc.) Who we are? (Loving, kind, mean, manipulative, sweet, compassionate, greedy, critical, supportive, caring, etc.)

LISAonthego also recognizes that we each have different and specific stories/drama that define us. They could be negative or positive. What were these stories/dramas in your life that affected who you are today? Once you are back on the train and on the journey once again; look back on these stories/drama that defines you. What specifically in the story inspired you? Love it, understand it, surrender it and most important learn from it. Embrace these lessons/teachings that helped to define you. Forgive yourself and love yourself unconditionally. The train keeps going from the beginning to the end. This is our own journey, the choices we make. The thoughts we create to become who we are. The only one that matters in this life journey is you. Create your journey, stop at the destinations you choose and be who you want to be. Where is your train going? 


Have a great day! Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

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