Limitations on Ourselves?

Sometimes the thing that is holding you back all in your head

Limitations on Ourselves? The illusions, judgement and interpretations we make for ourselves could be hilarious. Look at the picture this is funny for #LISA-on-the-go and yet then realizes the limitations we put on ourselves. What if we let down the guard? Let it all go; imagine where life could lead us. In addition to releasing the energy and thoughts we use in our minds that is taking up space. How would life look for you? #LISAonthego says life would feel more free, peaceful, being in the moment and not being held back. This visualization is an eyeopener on how Lisaonthego holds her own life back and thinking everyone else has the answers. The goal now is to look forwards in the moment, let go and be free. An affirmation Lisaonthego came up with a few years ago: when she does what others want her to do she is angry with herself and others appear happy with her and when she does what resonates and feels right for her she is at peace and others appear angry. As time goes on other judgements, interpretations are on the others and learning it truly doesn't reflect who you are as a person. Others don't walk in our shoes and they truly don't know our inner most thoughts. These thoughts and feelings that we process daily aren't communicated; otherwise our days would be filled and focused on the ego. When our true meaning is to trust our spirit, be in the moment and know all perfect. We are, where we are, to be and every moment is perfect (easier to say than understand it in those moments when life throws the curve balls).

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