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#LISAonthego says an AAHH moment is when you are doing a puzzle without a picture or the knowledge of how the pieces will fit or what it will be when done. Then you place a piece in the puzzle and you see the picture. This picture now makes sense for you, and it resonates for you. The moments before it was being on the journey in life; where you are walking on the path and not completely understanding it. You questioned every step of the way. This journey could be moments to weeks, months, years or a lifetime. So, in that moment when you placed a piece to the puzzle that fits and you start seeing the whole picture that is finally making sense to you, that feeling is an AAHH moment. LISAonthego gets that giggly feeling on the inside, that proud feeling; starts laughing at herself and realizes she has had an AAHH moment. Yesterday LISAonthego had one those moments and this has been years in the process. So for her it was a big one. Then comes seeing the picture and then analyzing all that has occurred. For LISAonthego this is referring to her path on Spiritualfitnessonthego, the challenges, determination and persistence of moving forwards. The people that have come to guide her along the way and the role they have played in helping her along that path. LISAonthego has met so many fascinating people along this journey and she is thankful and is grateful for her close inner circle friends and for those who had a brief moment or in depth conversation along the way. Everyone that has come into contact her with no matter how small or intense it is all the same to get to the AAHH moment. That stranger that says something, a one liner and yet you think about it for the day or a friend who spends hours talking to you or a quote with a visual picture on social media and it gave you another way to see things. Lol, That AAHH moment when it feels it has come together, the current journey processing feeling of relief, release and wow feeling like you and knowing where you think you are going, being who you want to be, being the best you could be. An AAHH moment wow what moment that brightens the day! May you have that AAHH moment today. Have a great day! Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego


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