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LISAonthego Ballpark. Life throw it's curve balls and its how we hit back. #LISAonthego likes to hit her baseballs head on and out of the park. One and done. When you hit the fouls or the balls go out its a re-do and she believes it is testing us to see if we understand the lesson. Therefore LISAonthego chooses one and done, however it doesn't always go this way. Then there is something called Karma and LISAonthego interpretation is the issue keeps arising until we learn the lesson. Karma is tough, the curve balls keep coming one after another, same issue, different situation and events. When its Karma and meant to be that you are going to learn the lesson, it means you are going to learn the lessons. When the issue arises LISAonthego get choices and when she has learned the lesson, LISAonthego finds her peace and forgives the events and situations. Just because she forgives doesn't mean she keeps playing with drama, stories or the people. It means she has choices and chooses what feels right for her.  This concept is easier to understand than to go through. For LISAonthego you make it look easy compared to her. #LISAonthego is not good at playing the drama and stories. Her emotions get in the way and she takes things personally. Therefore going in quietly helps her to calm down and see the game being played. Life isn't always curve balls, usually they are easy baseballs to hit and they go out of the park. However if you are stuck, like LISAonthego has been having some challenges lately then its time to choose another bat and type of ball to hit. LISAonthego likes the baseball thrown a little high and then she swings and its a hit. When she gets on base that's awesome she made a good decision for herself and as she progresses to home-plate this is a reinforcement. A home run these are meant to be, its about time she saw the ball and hit it squared on out of the park and the fouls and out-baseballs are the mistakes to retake. See life is like a baseball game just follow the rules and understand them, find your peace, forgive and you are winner of the game. Sounds easier than it is to play. Good luck in your game of baseball. Have a great day! Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

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