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#LISAonthego believe in you and in your career. When you believe in you then others could too. In our world we will find criticism, rejection and acceptance on any subject. Yet we all fear that criticism from others and think they know more than us about our careers. That inner critic in us is awesome at beating ourselves up thinking it has others all the answers. Once receiving criticism or rejection and the inner critic jumps on this bandwagon at that moment LISAonthego changes her thoughts to be positive and ignores that inner critic. Criticism and rejection is fear based in having you believe something that is worst. Know and believe in who you are, LISAonthego is passionate about her career and yes we all make mistakes. That is life, we came from perfection and we are here to make the mistakes. However in truth criticism and rejection told by others is a judgment or a perception. When LISAonthego has taken her time and her inner critic thoughts are positive about her career. Then she could replay the criticism or rejection in her mind; she is now in an open frame of mind and could see objectively. Some of the times they are some good messages from others however they are not the professionals in your career or your path and usually key components for the whole picture are amiss. Therefore, go back to the core you, your beliefs in who you are and your career before you react or respond. In truth believing in you, knowing your passion from your heart and conveying your self-worth to others also gives others the confidence in you and your career. Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

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