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LISAonthego Changing the Future? All we really have is today and today could change the future. How? Our actions in the past bring us to this moment we are in now. In the moment; we have choices. These choices will affect our future. Therefore the past, present and future exists as one. #LISAonthego is processing her family dynamics in her life and as time moves, the past appears farther away. It seems easier to look at her past and acknowledge things that were painful or she didn’t understand. In this moment LISAonthego is feeling and seeing what has been unpleasant in her interpretation and forgiving her family. By forgiving LISAonthego means to surrender and L.I.D.E. (LEEDY) ( her experiences. LISAonthego has choices, forgives and lets go. She chooses to change her actions to respond, where yesterday she would react. By responding gives her the power to make a change that works for her. When you truly forgive others and yourself it is natural for things to change that are best for you. This feels awesome for LISAonthego she kept doing the same thing, reacting and wanting things to change and it doesn’t. However by LISAonthego taking the action of forgiveness of her and others now this is a big change. Yesterday she reacted, today she is responding and tomorrow in her future she is in peace and doing what is best for her. Tomorrow could be not interacting or interacting more or less or setting boundaries or life has taken her on different path for her. Therefore, what you do today in this moment does effect your tomorrow. What are you choosing for you? Have a great day! Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

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