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LISAonthego Ego thinks, Spirit Says video

EGO thinks once everything falls into place everything will be fine

SPIRIT says find your peace and watch it all fall into place

LISAonthego learned this theory a few years ago. It was a difficult situation and no matter what she did or thought it was not working. The ego had a story, a reason for everything. When it was suggested that she find her peace in that minute it resonated for her and the work had begun.

How do you find your peace when your life is spinning out of control? LISAonthego could tell you it wasn’t easy and she used most of the tools on the website #spiritualfitnessonthego to help. During these times LISAonthego also learned to take someone she loves and visually put them in her heart, felt their energy and it helped to feel the love. LISAonthego feelings of Love heals. By being in the moment and each moment this also helped to find her peace. She would do this several times in a day to reinforce the positive energy, the good things in life. Also, she worked the tools and activities on www.spiritualfitnessonthego.com daily. Therefore, there was no one tool or activity that worked, it was a collective of items that did and you know what? it worked!

When you find your peace for the first time. Its an odd and awkward feeling. For LISAonthego the first time she felt her peace it felt like a moment. The more she worked at it, the more she found her peace.

Unbelievable how life fell into place and LISAonthego learned it was meant to be and every moment is perfect. We are where we are to be. We don’t always know the answer or why or understand it. However at some point in her life and she looks back, she could now say it fell into place. It helped her to learn or to teach; actually, LISAonthego feels it does both. LISAonthego says now, she gets it. How about you?

Love, Laughter & Peace, #LISAonthego

Don't have time read or look on the social media sites, here it is in video format to listen to or watch, enjoy. Have a great day! Love Laughter & Peace LISAonthego


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Ego thinks Spirit says

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