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EGO = engaging grumbling  outcomes



LISAonthego EGO. #EGO = engaging grumbling outcomes. #LISAonthego is choosing to change the engaging grumbling outcomes but how? She feels being connected to us and to family, friends, careers, nature, animals and where our hearts resonate. Yesterday was a monthly workshop that LISAonthego has been attending now for a year. She was reminded of #CONNECTION through this workshop because it resonates with her and her heart sings at the workshop. It is where she is doing what resonates for her, her “me time”. We all need that “me time” a few times in a month. This the time for her to look within herself, where she was, where she is today and where she wants to go. This workshop fulfills these needs that LISAonthego desires through the leaders guidance of love, peace, knowledge, expertise and where there is no right or wrong answers; only what resonates for her. This is done by movement, ritual, yoga, journeying to acknowledge where she is on her path. In the workshop the leaders acknowledge each person on their path and helps to guide you along the way. However, the leaders activities and insights are amazing, accurate to what events are occurring in your life or what could be coming to help guide you on your path. This follows with LISAonthego’s blogs she feels the theme of this workshop was “be the best you could be” and” life is being done for you; not to you”. This workshop has the attitude that we are in control of what is happening in our lives and last night was how our thoughts could project the outcome. Yes we will experience what we are to experience. However, our thoughts and attitude could have our egos (EGO = Engaging Grumbling Outcomes) thinking the worst or the best so lets choose the best thoughts. LISAonthego says guide your thoughts to the outcome of what you want; not the ego guiding the outcome because is known to cause more grumbling outcomes. LISAonthego takes her emotion (she doesn’t like the emotion (e-motion) then she changes that feeling and puts it into her thoughts, the thoughts are then manifested into energy and creates her world). This process could be done consciously or subconsciously the more she understands this process the more it is being done on the conscious level and she is creating her world. How about you? Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

EGO engaging grumblin outcomes

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