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LISAonthego #Empty #Nest. Wait for it, wait for it, its coming, bam!!! Oh no! You know it’s coming and even though it’s in slow motion. You watch, appreciate, try to slow time and yet it still catches you off guard. #Empty nest for someone is not the same as for you, empty nest could be some of the following: a child:: leaving for college, boarding school, camp, moving out, working, driving or a parent: moving:: senior citizen facility, hospice, moving to a warmer climate, retiring or you:: moving for job, different climate, financial changes, divorcing, spouse ill or crossed over, retirement, snow-birding etc., etc. They are so many variables that lead us to the empty nest that has us feeling the changes and adjustments. #LISAonthego is supposedly, not they’re yet and it’s happening in slow motion with all the events leading up to it. She is breathing through it and appreciating her time for these moments. Even with the seesaw moments to help with the separation of anxiety of the final curtain call. LISAonthego could easily talk the talk but it’s walking the walk that is the final part. Sure, LISAonthego could talk and talk and talk but to actually lovingly let go, wave, say goodbye and good luck, this is another step of the letting go process, the finale. You make it look so easy and now that it is you, it’s a long, hard path. As the time comes and the emotions well up on the inside that no one can see or feel but you and it feels like a balloon ready to burst. LISAonthego puts a pinhole in the balloon and the emotions, feelings and thoughts are slowly releasing. LISAonthego is using the tools and activities on to help from breathing to meditations to the healthpax, EFT tapping to Yoga and then listening to the inspired speakers for another way. Also to help her grow is to go slow down and do a lesson a day in A Course in Miracles. Ultimately; empty nest is a part of life and adjusting to the changes in our lives. If you change nothing, all is the same, then nothing changes, in life change is what helps us to grow and evolve. To start the process is to start the action to have something grow and change this is what creates our lifelong memories that we hold dear to our hearts. Appreciate all that has happened, love with all your heart and know you are perfect. Thank you for being present in the game of life. Breath, love, surrender! Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

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