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#LISAonthego loves the way this quote is written. It is detailed, descriptive; easy to understand and resonates with her. She gets to see another way of seeing life and to understand a concept in a clearer way. A Course of Miracles talks about Forgiveness and the importance to forgive. However, LISAonthego didn’t fully understand the dynamics and worked it out on her own. LISAonthego would say she forgives you for everything you didn’t do. Rarely is she upset with a person with what they did, its what they didn’t do or say. However this quote explains why it’s for you to forgive that it is meant for you. LISAonthego appreciates forgiveness doesn’t mean she needs to be in contact, communicate or continue to have a relationship with that person. The grudge, the unresolved situation is being in the ego and has power over us. However when we L.I.D.E. (LEEDY) the situation, comment or event and it is clear how we feel. Then we have power over the situation, comment or event to let it go, find our peace and surrender. We are then in the spiritual heart mind to make choices how we want to move forwards in our life. Again this is about us, learning about us; what resonates for us to move forwards in our lives and letting go. Forgive everyone and everything today and feel that peace in your essence. LISAonthego understands this is much easier said than done. Lets start slow and each day forgives something or someone. In addition appreciate what you have learned so you could do your life in loving peace. Again this is about you, isn’t it? We have choices too. Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego



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