LISAonthego Mercury Retrograde

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LISAonthego Mercury Retrograde. What is Mercury Retrograde? Mercury is the planet of communication and it’s when the planet Mercury appears to be traveling backwards, it gives us a step back in time.  Although the concept of Mercury Retrograde is difficult to comprehend, look back at your own personal life, how were things going? During these times it is known to have difficulty in: communication because could be misinterpreted and this is not a time to buy: real estate, sign a contract, start something new (ex. a job, new projects); purchase computers, install software, or take others personally etc. This is the time to reflect within ourselves heal our old wounds and finish those things that are not done; this gives our minds clear free space. It’s like a “messy house, messy mind”, therefore “tie up the loose end”. Also, this is the time that self-reflection comes upon us and past issues are revisited and could be resolved. It’s the silver lining. LISAonthego says this Mercury Retrograde was about what does she want? Where does she want to go? How do you want to get there? Then came the past and lots of the past and now to rest. LISAonthego last year made some decisions and a path she is on and this Mercury Retrograde has her looking at those decisions, in addition to past issue that has now been put to rest this past week. During this time you could feel really lonely, she has, it’s because we are going deep within you to the core and to the core issues and this is not something LISAonthego could verbally explain. Her feelings, her knowing speak more loudly than her language and she knows she is on the path that is right for her. LISAonthego loves writing it helps her to see her life. With Mercury Retrograde came many do overs, she wasn’t understanding them, she was upset, angry, looking within and this past week the purposes came through and put to rest. LISAonthego thanks her friends for being there, helping her get through these times, being loving and patient without judgment and is now to the appreciative and thankfulness to move forwards in life. Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

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