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LISAonthego MIND? LISAonthego the mind is a powerful source that we don’t realize or talk about much either. In the A Course in Miracles, the first five lessons are about un-labeling objects. Example, that table doesn’t mean anything, that chair doesn’t mean anything, that door doesn’t mean anything. It took several times going over the lessons to understand that everything we know of has an inner emotion for us, a feeling and what we think about it. As a baby: a high chair, a crib, a stroller etc. is our and others interpretations and our feelings of what it means to us. The objects from #LISAonthego feelings are mostly subconscious. However, that feeling then goes to the mind, to the thought process. We have the thoughts in our mind that generates energy to manifest our reality. This is a tough concept, and hard to truly understand, not one talked about. For LISAonthego, as she understands this concepts and plays with it, she is seeing the truth. Positive thoughts lead to Positive responses. Edie Weinstein has a positive attitude and thoughts in her mind, even with life obstacles. Amazing to actually watch her path, staying focus and obtaining her goals. Edie will you please do a talk on staying positive for the LISAonthego show? Yes we all have those moments in life however it is learning to re-train your thoughts to be positive. The thoughts or stories we tell ourselves of what to do next in a situation, comment or an event. Today LISAonthego was having negative thoughts and accidentally hit her foot on the corner of the wall, ouch. Her little toe is swollen, hurts and looks broken (black and blue). However in that precise moment she went back to her thoughts and giggles to herself. She says to herself yes those were negative thoughts, do you want to be right? Or have peace? LISAonthego has learned that when she has thoughts the universe projects them out and back into her world. Therefore LISAonthego is consciously changing her mind to positive thoughts, thank you Edie for reinforcing these moments again and again. LISAonthego life is transforming and she is feeling appreciative and grateful for these thoughts and times. Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego has the tools and activities that LISAonthego has used or using to transform her life. She didn't know where to go or find the activities or tools to use to empower herself and created the website Come join today.

***Edie Weinstein, you are awesome, thank you for being you. Edie is currently on a business engagement and responds to the blog. “Yes, I would love to do another talk. Let me know when and we can record it”. “Loved your blog”.


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