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#LISAonthego Miss-Take? LISAonthego has been has been questioning herself, here are some answers that she is doing. Why does LISAonthego think everyone else is right and she is so wrong? Why does she think they have the answers? When she goes within she knows the answers for herself. LISAonthego is realizing the times she feels everyone else knows better is when she has made a mistake. Mistakes is the time of our learning. However everyone else is quick to call us on it and then she second guesses herself. LISAonthego then feels others know best and in truth no one does. We all make mistakes and yet a miss-take is a judgement, someone else's interpretation and yet mistakes could wind up being the best part of our lives, so then was it a miss-take? How do we avoid the pitfall of thinking others are right? Or when we make a mistake that we not let it define us who we are. These are tough questions. LISAonthego feels by being thankful and appreciative each day reinforces who we are and keeps us grounded. The LISAonthego Lists Work Blog? is a great guidance in helping us with our days. The lists reinforce who we are and where we want to go. A list in our appreciations and gratitudes, reinforces what #LISAonthego wants to bring into her life (career, soul-mate etc). LISAonthego before going to bed likes to say what she was thankful for her today and when she awakes the intentions for the day (example below "Repeat After Me....). Also, when something or someone triggers, upsets her, she is to forgive them and herself. These are some of the tools LISAonthego is using today.  These tools empower her each day to stop giving her power to others and she is choosing to own her own power. It is a work in progress and she is choosing each day, each hour, each minute to what LISAonthego wants in her life. Is the glass half empty or half full?  Starting today this is going to be a daily choice, this means looking into her heart and overriding her mind, this is a daily chore.
Be who you are! Don’t second guess or allow yourself to listen to others, only you know you who you want to be, be that person you want to be starting today! Love you, Love, Laughter & Peace

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LISAonthego likes this video, it shows life from an older persons perspective

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