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#LISAonthego Mistake, Retake. We all make mistakes and life gives us a chance to do retakes. Amazing how life puts our lessons into different situations with the same issues. This is called Mistake, retake. A mistake is something we amiss to learn from and do it differently when faced with the situation. The retake is the opportunity to have the lesson and a situation again. A mistake to retake okay got it? Right? Wrong. This is the game of life and LISAonthego had to go quiet for this one and giggle to herself. These situations seem easy to get and so hard to follow through. They are times we get the mistakes and lessons a few times however once we get the retake and the lesson it is done. Because we are now familiar with the issue, we have learned from it and we choose the situation differently. This is confusing, here is a story, drama scenario, you date in high school to a person for six months they are bossy and have you hanging out with there friends on there schedule, then in college you date for six months and they are strict and you hang out with there friends and on there schedule. You say to yourself these relationships seem familiar, you recognize your mistake and whatever this is for you the behavior, looks, attitude etc. you get it, you had the retake in college and resolve the lesson for you. By resolving the lesson, you acknowledge something within you that you worked on changing. Whether the people you dated acted like one of your parents, or you thought it was good they made plans. Whatever the lesson you resolved the issue, you changed and moved forward. You learned from it. So what makes you think you would repeat the mistake again? You changed from dating these other two people and recognize the issue. Change, meaning, you changed within you, you now could be friends with these traits and know you wouldn’t date or be attracted to them or that personality type again. Again I ask, so what makes you think you would repeat the mistake again? LISAonthego says the ego fear, what if? And, if this? And, if that? and not again. We all do this, its not trusting that we learned from our mistakes with the retakes. LISAonthego now will go within herself and reassure herself the mistake and the issue was resolved. She will remind herself of the issues for her and the processing she did so the mistake was a lesson and she is confident where she is in her life today. Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

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