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LISAonthego Obstacles? #LISAonthego keeps running and running to get to???? She doesn’t know it feels like a race to get it done. To get what tasks completed? What the mind has you racing for and she is running to get the website better, more funds, the house cleaned, shopping, children activities, being with friends and family etc. The more she is running the more she feels like she is on the treadmill and not getting far. Life has a way of getting us going and then the obstacles of life come into view. The obstacles that slows LISAonthego down are traffic, website down, activities, forgotten appointments, getting ill (cold, flu etc.). The obstacles in life are for LISAonthego to slow down, catch her breath, look around, go within and find her peace. This could be a moment; months or years she doesn’t know until she is to know. Obstacles could be the challenges of life with our greatest rewards. Attitude of how we look upon things in our life is what matters. What does LISAonthego know about the obstacles in her view today? She is to change her emotions, to her thoughts to her language to manifestation to her reality. She could do this! Yes it is a process and takes time. However time is timeless when we are learning. LISAonthego would love to say in the next moment, day, week, and month this all changes and it doesn’t work that way. She is learning this is part of the journey, to be patient, understanding, loving and forgiving to herself. Ultimately it is about her. In conclusion the obstacles in LISAonthego life is here for her and not to her. What obstacles are appearing in your way? Have a great day. Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego with

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