LISAonthego PRICELESS 2. The photo quote "I am so glad friends don't come with a price tag" "I could never afford the wonderful friends I got" from www.facebook/spicedhumor. This had LISAonthego thinking today. Her thoughts, what do we pay for that we need aside from survival needs? Buying things are nice, it’s materialistic, makes life easier. However the things that are not bought are priceless for LISAonthego. The way someone makes her feel, says something nice, gave her a hug, smile, giggle or a laugh, a talk, a walk or a swim, being at a lake, mountains or ocean and having fun. This is priceless and memorable. Then they’re times when life throws the curve balls, trips us up in life. These are the times when these moments comes back to her mind and puts a smile on her face and gives her the strength to move forwards. To all her wonderful, fabulous family; friends and acquaintances thank you for being #priceless and in LISAonthego’s life. The other part to this you, yes you, don’t know what a moment means to someone else. You know how you get together with people you talk about an event or situation where you are all present and yet we all remember something different or a different perception. So when you are with someone you don’t know what that times means or that event, situation or comment and how it will affect, embrace or encourage another life or your own; and later on could put a smile on your face. In conclusion the things, moments, people in our lives that don’t cost us anything are priceless to LISAonthego. How about you? Have a great day. Love, Laughter & Peace, #LISAonthego


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