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LISAonthego Quotes 4-U-2- Day - Today is to remind us we are important. Feeling that alone feeling, know you are not alone, you have you. Let's start today appreciating and being thankful for what is in our lives. Starting getting to know you. LISAonthego is forgiving herself for everything she didn't do. She doesn't get upset with what she has done, she gets upset for what she hasn't done. Technically their is always something to do. She could have said, could have done etc. etc. etc. In the process of forgiving herself she acknowledges that past mistakes, errors or judgements don't define who she is, #LISAonthego defines who she is and you know what she is awesome! Life throws those curve balls and its for us to throw it back better than how it came. LISAonthego is learning to be the light of love, surrounding herself in love and this could define who she is for today. When it is difficult to see a beautiful flame in your heart then take someone/something that  you love and adore (a child, parent, friend, animal etc.) what makes your heart sing and get that feeling, that emotion of love and bring it into your heart. This is about you surrounding yourself in love. Now when you are around others they feel this energy and it domino effects likes waves in the ocean or a ripple in the waters. Watch it go..... It is beautiful watching how you could affect others and guess what? It is for being you the authentic you. This defines who you are. Yes I AM ME! Have a great day! Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

accept urself

peace to you


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