LISAonthego You See What You See Mr Tucker in the Car

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LISAonthego You See What You See? Mr. Tucker loves the car, however it is annoying taking Mr. Tucker in the car. Why? Because he could bark loudly at what he sees or thinks he sees. Mr. Tucker’s barking is for teaching LISAonthego that we see is what we see. He could be looking at the window and he sees a person walking their dog. Mr. Tucker is so excited barking, talking and jumping around, yes annoying. However he is the epiphany in what you see is what you see. We could also be driving along like this morning and he is looking at the window at where he wants to look. LISAonthego sees a person and a dog and her in mind goes here we go and we approach and past this person and dog and no reaction from Mr. Tucker. What? Really? He is looking at the window, you could see his eyes focusing in on the surroundings but he is looking in one direction intensely and does not see the person and dog. He only sees what he sees. This has LISAonthego contemplating what she thinks she sees in days living. She thinks she sees things that she interprets to be the truth however are we so narrow minded? Are we like the Mr. Tucker riding in the car and see what we think we see? Do we think we are so right in our thinking because we see what we see? Yes, then what are we not seeing? An aahh moment for LISAonthego, she thinks she is so right and now saying, oh my what did I not see? Her mind, her ego mind is on the merry-go-round, rationalizing, showing her all the points at how she is right, replaying the sentences and yet she knows this is not the answer to anything because she is seeing what she thinks she is seeing. The truth is to be quiet, quiet the mind because it doesn’t know be still and listen to your inner voice, the heart voice. This is the truth for her without or even seeing it. It is learning that LISAonthego is and what resonates for her. To recognize, understand and contemplate like Mr. Tucker we don’t see the whole picture. It doesn’t matter whether we see or not see; it matters on what we do with the information; the choices that will give us peace, point us in a direction that is healthy and good for us; getting off that merry-go-round. In conclusion, we see what we see and that is what we see and to know and learn the difference in what we see. Have a great day. Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

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