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#LISAONTHEGO - A few years ago life had her looking at her life. Her marriage was over, she had now recuperated from a hysterectomy, bells palsy and moderate-severe sinus infection. It was time to move on with her three children. The move was done quickly and with ease. LISAonthego went from her childhood home to marriage and now to a place to live on her own with her children. The first week flew by with the move and unpacking. The following week the children went to their fathers for the weekend. They left on Friday after school. LISAonthego looked around in panic, fear, anxiety she had rarely been alone a few hours here or there but not days, she hadn’t lived alone or even knew what to do alone hours yes but now days. Life has always been busy as a child you are on the family schedules, college you have roommates, then marriage and then with children and work. It is the first time in her life she was truly alone for days vs hours and didn’t know what to do, an unknown feeling lol. She stopped working months before due to recuperating from the hysterectomy, bells palsy, sinus infection, the children, she was rarely without the children and oh the quiet. What do you do when it is so quiet? Rarely been alone and nothing to do. LISAonthego knew she made the right choices for herself, she knew deep inside she was going to be okay, whatever that looked like and for the first time she had choices what to do next. When you have three children and running a business; life dictates itself. Now it was just LISAonthego, oh the quiet, she recalls she had: food, phone, tv, books, car and could do whatever she wanted to do. She took things slow; she made herself dinner, watched tv and went to bed. Awoke on Saturday and again being alone it was quiet, lonely, scary, something she hadn’t experienced before. She realized she had choices, many choices lol, what to eat, when to eat, tv watch what she wanted to watch etc and realized it was time to create her life that she had choices. LISAonthego learned the limits on her choices was limiting herself, she is the star in her life, she needs create it, be it and love it. LISAonthego still supports her decision moving forwards however she didn’t see the path ahead and it had been near the edge, curvy, uphill and downhill until LISAonthego started to know herself. Most of the tools and activities on #Spiritualfitnessonthego is how LISAonthego started to reinvent and create her life of who she is today. She realizes now, years later, most of her life she was co-dependent, worried about everyone and everything else. She took care of everything around her first until she awoke one day and wanted to learn what she wanted: work, activities, friends etc. and to make a change in her life. One of her first choices was to get well, having PCOS and not feeling well, not metabolizing medicines “that are supposed to help” LISAonthego had a hysterectomy. Again another life choice that was best in her life, she feels awesome even today. Then came its time to create her life. LISAonthego has tried different career, job choices that hasn’t resonated for her, she has and is taking the time to truly learn about her one day at a time. LISAonthego is learning to love and like what she is doing and doing what she likes and loves. It is where she is putting her time and energy; it is who and what she is. She chooses to be where her heart is singing. LISAonthego loves Spiritualfitnessonthego and the tools and activities, even with the challenges. She learns more about herself to continue moving forwards on her path and others to help along the way. Spiritualfitnessonthego has been a work in progress for two years and not yet launched, due to LISAonthego lack of technology knowledge and is looking forward to launching today. Today will come, today is bright, sunny and full of adventure with positive energy and today will be the day. The past is gone and tomorrow never comes. All we have is TODAY make today the best day!!! Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego









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