LISAonthego Stressed, Not Feeling Well?

(come read, watch or listen to the video below, thank you and have a great day, LISAonthego)

LISAonthego Stressed, Not Feeling Well? Yes says LISAonthego. What is she doing to help feel well daily? LISAonthego is starting slowly rituals so her mind, body and spirit are in sync then it will become a habit, an expectation and life to go more smoothly for her. There is no thinking; it’s just going with the flow. Upon waking, before a thought is to have an intent for the day, affirmation to set in her mind, what she would like from her day. It is different each day, however we could all write one, put on the mirror in the bathroom and read to begin our day (love the photo below “repeat after me”…..broad and a good way to start until we write one that resonates for us each day). Today is a great day! Officially is up and working, love the new look and everything is working, Awesome!. LISAonthego created the website to help her feel the best she could each day and to share with you “to be your best, feel your best, know you are the best, you could be today”. The experts and professionals coming forth for us to learn something new, see a new perspective or attitude for the day. The website to help us move forwards in life and not remain stagnant. Also to use what resonates for us. When LISAonthego kept doing the same things she kept getting the same results and knew something had to change. The website has been great in focusing on something different and new to make an impact in her life, how about you? is easy to use and has the tools and activities to guide us each day. Todays day will be a guided-meditation to bring her within herself, then yoga to stretch the body, to feel relieved of tensions, illness, aches, pains whether a Chair Yoga or an Advanced Yoga Flow your choice “to be the best, feel your best, know you are the best, you could be today”. Then read LISAonthego Blog she posts several times a week; now start your day being the best you could be. In the evening before bed LISAonthego says what she is thankful for in her day, then a lesson in A Course in Miracles. This keeps her mind focused away from the drama and stories and in content thoughts for a peaceful sleep. LISAonthego also does the CES Ultra 30 minutes before bed this helps her get a goodnights sleep. Also, LISAonthego has started a radio show with a guest speaker that will be posted on the website at least once a week, choose a day and time that works for you to listen, read, meditate, yoga etc,. See Spiritual Fitness on the go is online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for you, on your schedule and wherever you are, sign on today and start the tools and activities today “to be the best, feel your best, know you are the best, you could be today”. For me it is what I love to do. Have a great day. Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

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ces ultra

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