LISAonthego "The Mom Song"

(watch or listen to video below by Anita Renfroe)
LISAonthego "The Mom Song", LISAonthego appreciates this song. It shows we are not alone in a parents/guardians daily routine. Also, children are not alone in a parents/guardians request of them too. We all go through the similar talks and tasks. This song happily covers most things that parents ask for in a day. Maybe play this a few times a day and ask the children to fulfill the tasks in the song. Now look at the time free a parent/guardian could have to give more hugs and talk about the important things in life. Like focusing on the child, hearing them, listening to them and talk the real life issues in there lives with school, friends, activities, etc. Reinforcing the choices the child makes in a day, what is working, what is not and what could be changed to help them. We all want attention, to be appreciated and understood. Listening to the song that are things to be accomplished in a day probably takes most of a parent/guardians time. The other time consumption in today's world is driving the children to their activities and appointments. This song also helps children understand what a parent/guardian does in a day, guiding them and why, then the driving and then cooking, cleaning, ontop of the parent/guardians jobs. The ultimate gift is the time that we devote daily that is acknowledged in the song. #LISAonthego loves the song, the up beat rap and the messages. Have a great day! Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

The Mom Song with lyrics (youtube)
(used for church at Mom's Day) LISAonthego loves this, it is so true for her, how about you?

Humorous setting of stereotypical mom sayings to the William Tell Overture, by comedienne Anita Renfroe.
Lyrics included onscreen for ease of following this high-speed rendition!

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