LISAonthego The Real Value in Setting Goals isLISAonthego The real value in setting goals is? #LISA-on-the-go loves Brian Buffini who posted the quote. Brian Buffini has been an inspiration, down earth, motivator and experienced in his presentations for Realtors. Although LISAonthego is not working in Real Estate, Brian's expertise still resonate with LISAonthego. Love the part of the quote, compels you to become the person... One of LISAonthego's affirmation is "be the person you want to be" (start today). Therefore setting goals helps LISAonthego to become the person she wants to be. #LISAonthego has so many goals to achieve for spiritualfitnessonthego and this quote is resonating because LISAonthego is becoming the person she wants to be, she is doing what she loves and loves what she is doing. Achieving the goals will be the icing on the cake and you know we are almost there. However this couldn't have been done without goal setting and setting goals, thank you Brian Buffini. Setting the Goals has kept LISAonthego focused, persistent, determined, intrigued and empowering herself. LISAonthego is so blessed in meeting her team from video recordingsĀ  with professional, experienced or knowledgeable experts, to website designing to learning to be in gratitude and appreciation daily. Setting Goals has set the path for LISAonthego. Thank you for being with us and have a great day. #LISAonthego

We are currently in the process of recording and editing over 50 videos. LISAonthego this is awesome, great videos, inspirational, informative, knowledgeable wow a difference in her life
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