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#LISAonthego Trigger Years Later. LISAonthego has been advertising lots for sale in the Pocono’s on the social media sites. Thank you for passing along the Pocono Lots information on EBay and helping LISAonthego on her path. This is so appreciated and she is thankful. The EBay auction was set for a week. The very first day a bid came in that means the lots are sold. The lots have been a thorn in her side for many different reasons since bought in 2005. Then something on the inside of her was triggered. This brought up many emotional feelings all week, reliving the past on and on and on. She went with it but then would get that true, deep, lonely feeling that hits the core, feeling like she has done something or everything wrong and nothing right. People telling her she is making a mistake. Going through the past and now writing this and realizing that are there judgments and interpretations. This was right for LISAonthego. She did awesome and it’s done. Hooray and realizing how far she has come wow look at her today. These people making the statements have been at a distance in LISAonthego life. Because LISAonthego chooses drama and story free in her life today. Look how far she has come, look how blessed, look how she has changed her life, look at her smile, laughter and LISAonthego blogs, successful, well-loved and liked, funny, enthusiastic. Life is good, that lonely feeling is dissipating and selling the land was right for her and her path in, loving her and being in peace. Now that is a story and drama. How to get to know you? Make a difference, survive and believe in you. Keep reading LISAonthego blogs and you will know because it’s her transformation and transition to her life of who she is today. The woman today is not the woman from yesterday, people do and can change, it takes thought into action into reality and then to a blossoming lotus and moving forwards in life with ease, grace and love. LISAonthego looks back on her life and is amazed how she lived through it. She understands herself even more for the decisions she’s made. It has been either a gift or a lesson. She embraces herself today with affirmations you are an awesome person! Keep on going!!! You are doing great! After writing this now a few days have past because she was so triggered and it is years later it has been really bothersome. LISAonthego dug deep and went into herself and this is the gift for today. L.I.D.E. (LEEDY) Label it, identify it and describe the emotion. She could go on with the stories, drama and tears that she has and realized this put her as a victim, this gave the story/drama the power and then, she L.I.D.E. the story/drama and gave herself back her power. The L.I.D.E. is with herself and she feels so much better. However she also realizes that change, change what she is doing to be the best she could be is the answer for her path and this is through tools and activities. Come join LISAonthego being the Best You Could and the Person you want to be Starting Today!


Thank you Edie for holding LISAonthego hand, giving her a hug and listening. You are an awesome friend thank you for being her life!

Have a great day! Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego (come join today and learn the activities and tools to change your life)

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