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LISAonthego had a huge lesson today. She had never thought of experiences vs things and saw this article This gave some concrete definitions experiences vs things along with graphs. LISAonthego is digesting the first part of the picture. 50% is genetics what you are born with pertaining to your happiness, interesting. LISAonthego wants to go within with this concept because of all her tools and activities she uses from Spiritualfitnessonthego she feels she has changed so much that the % could change too. Also some of the other numbers don't resonate either and would love to learn more. However the information on experiences versus things and explained in a diagram, detailed she could follow. LISAonthego sees how this truly influences our lives and has thinking more about going out and doing things than worrying about the material items she is wanting. Also agrees with the annual salary and the $75,000 the article points out she could agree with. LISAonthego believes that the more monies you earn doesn't make you happier it makes life easier. You could buy the things to help life easier again. Being who you are, the best you could be brings you the happiness being grateful and appreciative and surrounding yourself with loved ones either nuclear or soul families.

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