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LISAonthego Nick Vujicic INSPIRATIONALIST.  LISAonthego was doing her LISAonthego Blog and was on Facebook and this video caught her eye. She stopped what she was doing and watched the YouTube video of Nick Vujicic. Her first impression was wow an inspirationalist and she wants him on the #LISAonthego radio/podcast show on, maybe one day! However, LISAonthego feelings he is a gift, a teacher how to stay out of our ego, be in the moment and to listen within. Ignore all the inner mind talk, other people's stuff (because it is about them and not you) and appreciate life in gratitude. Change your mind; change your thoughts and be the best you could be, you could do whatever you set your thoughts to. We all have stories and dramas its how we ourselves our thoughts view them. No one is better than another and everyone has an interesting life. We all have those days that we feel let down, not good enough for a million reasons and yet listen to Nick Vujicic see your life from a different physical perspective. Be thankful and appreciative and know to change your mind, change your thoughts and have a better day. We are all beautiful inside and outside it is what we surround ourselves with and know you are love. Know your beauty is from within, light your heart with a flame and glow the light of love as Nick does in the video. By Nick being Nick he affects and effects our lives to know we are perfect just the way we are in, in that moment and to the next. Nick shows us through the video he is happy, a teacher, has relationships this is peace. No talk about money or material items. Because material items don't bring happiness, laughter, friends, family the things that truly matter bring peace and happiness, material items; money makes life easier not happier. Remember this the next time you have pity party and look around in what you do have. Love, Laughter Peace, LISAonthego



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