LOVES this Song

Older Ladies Anthem by Donnalou Stevens

LISAonthego LOVES this Song. The song is about mid-aged women. LISAOnthego giggled and laughed, it is fun, lighthearted and has truthful statements. This resonates for LISAonthego motto "I AM THAT I AM AND THAT IS WHAT I AM"! LISAonthego appreciates and thankful for people to give there humorous perspectives for the middle age woman. It helps LISAonthego feel she belongs and the things she experiences that she is not alone. Also the song statements help LISAonthego to laugh and giggle at herself saying "yes, this is true" "yes, this is or has happened".  Also to have fun and a great attitude. LISAonthego actually loves where she is in her life, even with all the mid-aged happenings because she knows who she is, where she is going and defines herself. LISAonthego feels the woman in the song do too and they are enjoying life. Also pointing out to love a mid-aged woman is to love them for who they are and not what they are. Teaching the world love is on who you are and not what you wear or what you look like. Its about the true you and the important values in life. How you could make someone feel, what you say and how you say it. Also, for who you are loving, caring, at peace, grounded, supportive, caring, smart, witty, funny, enthusiastic, a great smile, a hardy laugh, loves to hug to others etc. As LISAonthego ages gracefully she is more interested in herself than what others think or define her. This is true, self love. LISAonthego goal is to help all people to find there true essence and live to there path and not others. Have a great day. Love, Laughter & Peace LISAonthego


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