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LISAonthego Other Opinions? #LISAonthego is who she is. Wonderful, awesome, her own best friend, loving, caring, supportive, smart, wise etc. I am that I am that and that is who I am. So who are you? LISAonthego defines who she is! How about you? Story and drama: you are sitting at a meal enjoying life and others think they are helping you, letting you know their negative opinions, criticizing you on subjects you didn’t even ask. Why? Because they think they know you, could help you in where they think you need help in your life. In retrospect LISAonthego doesn’t know anyone who doesn’t have issues, this is the game of life. So, yes everyone thinks they know the answers and opinions for everyone else. What do you do? You have a choice to listen, agree or disagree and LISAonthego is learning to talk to herself and change other stories for herself to be hearing positives so her inner critic is positive. However, if the other person gave their opinion without being asked and it resonated with her, LISAonthego could listen and if agree has the choice to change. The bottom line here is to know, one you have a choice and two have the choice to change if you want too. Under normal circumstances no one could make us do anything we don’t want to do. In the above drama and story LISAonthego could react by yelling back, defending, crying and this is reacting. By acknowledging you have a choice and options for your choices this is a responding. These are choices you are making. As LISAonthego said; she is learning, practicing to respond, that she has choices and changes what she doesn’t want to hear to reinforce her with positives. An example would be reading her affirmations, responding positively and using the tools and activities on and be lovingly to herself. Others don’t have the answers for you they have suggestions, opinions the answers are within you, opinions could help you to get to your answers, but it is about you and no one else. Sometimes others opinions and reactions are all about them and a mirror to remind you others words have nothing to do with you and is about themselves. A tip, this is how you know how someone else views themselves. Watch the others ego, ego's are nasty, critical, mean and cruel with no answers. Its fascinating watching others ego and then the nightmare when you could acknowledge yours, lol. The good news, you have the choice to change your thoughts and reinforce your positive affirmations to be a better you. Initially in the moment for LISAonthego it was difficult to recognize her ego. Then she started looking back after an event or comment and realize she reacted. Then she worked on healing, forgiveness, finding her peace and asked herself how this could be different next time? LISAonthego made her mental notes and the next time she looked back again and as the events and comments occur; she recognized the similarity and then the pattern. Now she could giggle, talk to herself that she has choices to react or respond. For LISAonthego Choosing to respond gets easier. We all have those triggers. However getting to know you, you start seeing the triggers and knowing you have a choice, tools and activities to make a difference for you. LISAonthego calls this for herself being on the path and she chooses her peace by using the tools and activities on What about you? Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

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