Past Mistakes?

Past Mistakes? #LISAonthego loves this quote and could be true. LISAonthego's interpretation of past mistakes per A Course in Miracles is we are here for re-takes. Now if others could let our past mistakes go and pay attention to there own, now we could go somewhere. #LISAonthego is seeing some people project  judgements and interpretations on what and how your life should be. LOL, its time to pay attention to our own lives. Had a mistake then do a re-take. Maybe its why we are here, to learn, to teach, to acknowledge where we may be making our mistakes.  Then we could do the retakes and eventually get it right for us or learn it was no big deal and let it go. How many times have you tried to ............... (fill in the blank) LISAonthego has tried to lose weight and it is a work in progress. She is getting their and shaping up with #Spiritualfitnessonthego a work in progress called the journey.  Its the roller coaster and life happenings that could throw us off from being focused or could be acknowledged as a mistake. Guess what LISAonthego gets to re-take and re-take and re-take, again and again and again until she thinks, feels, it is right for her. She loves the quote "we came from perfection and here to make mistakes".  Lets all do a retake today and feel good about it! Have a great day. Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego (copyright 2015)

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