Peace from the Heart LisaOnTheGo Blog

Peace from the heart LisaOnTheGo Blog. We all have our stories and dramas. Some stories and dramas appear harder or tougher than others. In truth, it's not harder or tougher, it is how we respond or react to the stories and dramas.

Peace from the Heart, LisaOnTheGo Blog

Peace from the Heart, LisaOnTheGo Blog

Some of us are: Tough on the outside, appear full of confidence and have all the answers or we are like a teddy bear on the inside, mush we take everything personally. A teddy bear, mush, peacemaker, lover on the outside and tough on the insides, having the confidence and self-esteem, saying to yourself, I am good, all is well. We could be tough on the inside and outside. They're many different scenarios and no one way to be.

In any event, people judge us for who they think we are.

Life is a game and we play the game to our best advantage. Some don’t care who get hurts or you want to appear they won whatever your own personal goal is, it's about you for you.

LisaOnTheGo has her stories and drama like everyone else. As life experiences unfold LisaOnTheGo chose to empower herself. She is learning to live in her Peace and being in the moment with no judgments.   

#LisaOnTheGo acknowledges we all have judgments and when she is in the judging mode, says to herself this is not about you, it doesn't affect you and allow others their own journey and choices in their lives. You get to control you and your thoughts and allow others their path that they're choosing.

It’s amazing to LisaOnTheGo how people judge you when you are Peace from the Heart. Some respect you, embrace you, encourage and love you for you. Then those others are in the game and in the game to win. They're no boundaries. Being so right is more important to them than anyone’s peace.

When people are reacting. LisaOnTheGo feels it’s important to have peace in the heart and just be. She reminds herself she likes who she is and to stay in her peace. Others interpretation say that this is a sign of weakness. LisaOnTheGo says no, its actual signs of strength, spiritually awakening, knowing who you are, yes, her feelings get hurt, people could be malicious, greedy etc. and you know in your heart it's about them not you. Our egos have an imagination and keep us on the merry-go-round. LisaOnTheGo is better at stopping and listening within. Much easier said than done, she tells herself they're on their own journey, they have choices, let them go and surrender. This helps. Affirmations help to remind her who she is and to be in her peace.

LisaOnTheGo chooses Peace from the Heart! Have a great day. Love, Laughter & Peace, LisaOnTheGo

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