Spring Time is for you

Spring time is for you. What seeds are you planting for you this spring?

Once the New Year came in LISAonthego started to process the year before. What worked and didn’t work in her life. No matter how small or large it appears. The best news its now Spring time and she could change what didn’t work last year.


Cultivating for the spring.




LISAonthego loves the spring; the fresh air, warmth of the sun out longer, watching life, birds singing, buds on the trees, and starts to grow. That is where LISAonthego is today. She has planted her seeds in the ground that she wants in her life.

Write a list what is working and not working. Now be thankful and appreciative for what is working and what you have in your life. We always want more, let’s be content in this moment and thankful for what is working. Great.

Now, what could you change that is not working? Be specific, detailed and see changing what isn’t working. Take your time and the time to implement what you want in your life. LISAonthego’s plan kept changing, she was quiet, went within, meditated and now she is ready.

Love this meditation and helped with LISAonthego’s process by Beth Brotz, Cultivating a Positive Emotion Guided Meditation.


Wait until the time is right for you then plant the seeds. Along with planting the seeds start taking the action for your seeds to grow. It’s like watering the seeds below the earth that you can’t see and yet the action of watering the seeds starts the process.

LISAonthego is excited for this season and seeds are planted. Here is what she is cultivating:

  • Be more loving and patient with her and others, more appreciative and thankful. This helps her heart glow and stay away from the ego chattering mind.
  • LISAonthego products – Finally, found the right company to achieve her goals. The finest, high quality and finest botanicals to have LISAonthego products. No parabens or tested on animals. She has received her samples and now the backend for implementation.
  • Essential Oils – Ready to use (pre-blended & pre-mixed), Edginess - Relieves and eases the edginess feelings, Pulchritude - beauty and calm, ATTITUDE to feel your best, Empower – Being in your own energy and empower your shield,Lotion & Wash, Face wash, Body Lotion, Face & Hand Wash (oils picked for the benefits they give, more details to come)
  • LISAonthego Show – This spring. In the process of designing and excited as working diligently getting things done.

LISAonthego has fallen in love with the LISAonthego show and products that are coming your way. The products have been helping her through the days and moments in life. She has the best smelling feet and feels her best each day. LISAonthego is excited to be sharing her personal product benefits with you to help with life.

This sounds good right? And it is fantastic, awesome and exciting, however don’t think for a moment one person has it better than another because they don’t; or don’t have the challenges/lessons in life or those learning those haha moments, life is an evolving process for everyone.

Start your planting your seeds and make a difference in your life. Have a great day.

Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego



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