The Candle is Lit 

The Candle is Lit. Come write a prayer and read each one then after each prayer say the words in "shining light and sending love". Let us do this at 2pm your time daily and then when you are available. The power is in doing this together at the same time and watch how the energy shifts on the prayers requested. Its amazing. #LISAonthego says the power is in you, reading the comments and giving positive energy to each comment.   Come read and help others. Give to Receive and Receive to Give. 

The #candle is #lit. Come say a #prayer for you, what you want in your life today. You Matter and have a wish or prayer for you to come into your life or what matters for you.  Thank you, In Sending Love, Shining Light & Peace, LISAonthego


LISAonthego Blog about You & for You,

Learn about You & U, Be the best You or U, ewe could be,

#yoga, #meditation, #inspirational #talks #quotes, #acim,

(ewe = gentle virtues such as kindness, compassion and trust)

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