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Our inner voices are our spoken thoughts. LISAonthego's inner voice talks to her all the time. However she has learned it doesn’t give her answers or direction in her life, it is there to occupy time. The answers, guidance and direction come from her heart, the spiritual self.

The inner voice is her inner critic.

Do you acknowledge your inner voice? Do you listen to it? This inner voice is typically known as the inner critic and tells you every imaginable negative word, emotion in our vocabulary. LISAonthego would doubt herself, saying I can’t, not smart enough, no to heavy, not pretty enough, no you’re not smart enough and goes on and on and on. This is important to recognize that this is just thoughts, yes, just thoughts.

However when emotional and having these continuous thoughts she begins to believe these false statements. Also, our lives start projecting these thoughts.

Lets STOP this inner critic and start projecting what we do want in our lives.

When you feel that emotion and then the inner critic is talking, say STOP.  When you are hearing your thought mind, the inner critic, stop. Tell yourself the thoughts you want to hear, speak over your inner critic. Change your thoughts and reword them to being positive, fun and an awesome outcome. This will change the energy and projections in your lives.

In the mornings upon waking LISAonthego says positive thoughts to herself, you are awesome, you are smart, a great smile, beautiful twinkling eyes, and today is going to be an awesome, fabulous day, fun, laughter and for your highest good. Before going bed she tells herself what she is thankful for the day and the wonderful things that had occurred.

When the inner critic is being critical LISAonthego chooses to change her thoughts she is now aware of her inner critic and when the inner critic starts she stops and chooses her thoughts. The positive thoughts are projecting into manifestation and life is happier, balanced and peaceful. The inner critic is now the inner wisdom. You have choices, choose your thoughts to your inner wisdom and start feeling good about you and your life.

Have a great day, Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego


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