What is a Supermoon?

On LISAonthego's Facebook wall comes this article "What is a Supermoon? #LISAonthego is curious she has never heard the word Supermoon and proceeded to read the article and inquire more. LISAonthego found this interesting, fun, intriguing and will now share it with you. Let's start with What is a full moon? 

A full moon is when the sun, Earth and moon line up, with the Earth in the middle. As seen from the surface of the Earth, the moon is fully illuminated. Because it is opposite the sun in the sky, the moon rises in the east just as the sun sets in the west. And, roughly 12 hours later, the moon sets in the west just as the sun is rising in the east. However each month it is a different area of the moon that is being shown because the moon's orbit around the Earth is not a perfect circle.

A Supermoon is when the moon is at its oval-shaped orbit. This is the Moon's orbit around the Earth and is marginally egg-shaped or oval-shaped and the closest point. This is also known as the perigee. Therefore the moon appears closest to earth with a spectacular view. A Supermoon happens when there's a full Moon or a new Moon at the same time as the Moon's approach to its perigee. Enjoy the Supermoon today and have a great day. Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

Information below http://mysticmamma.com/full-moon-supermoon-in-pisces-august-29th-2015/

#LISAonthego enjoys learning more about herself when given an opportunity and how it could influence her life or to be open too and found the link informative and to possibly see life from another viewpoint. LISAonthego took a piece of the article to share with and there is more information and reading on Mysticmamma.com website

FULL MOON Supermoon in PISCES August 29th 2015~

“This Full Moon can certainly open the doors of our perception, bringing an influx of spiritual energies…If we’re not ready for these energies, it can bring disruptive to our collective lives.

“If we’re open, paying attention to our dreams, visions and insights for a few days around this Full Moon will help us make another shift on consciousness.

“Full Moons bring us awareness of what has been hidden from our ego consciousness. We can expand our ego’s flexibility by staying open to more subtle realms of being and awareness…”

“…the Pisces Moon is aligned with Neptune, amplifying our connection to the spiritual, quantum energies of life.

“This is a powerful channeling of psychic abilities and mystical visions, as well as illusions and fantasies.

“Virgo’s motto is ‘Know Thyself’ and that’s what will make all the difference between this energy filling us with Wisdom or inflating the ego with delusions.

“The Sun and Jupiter in earthy Virgo can help us ground these Piscean energies in a positive way. Allow your imagination to express the information you need to make positive decisions about your life.”

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