LISAonthego What Path Are You Walking?

LISAonthego What Path Are You Walking? Are you walking the Ego Path? Are  your words and thoughts are negative? Do you know this keeps us stuck and cluttered? By telling ourselves and whomever will listen "I am so Right" "You don't Understand" "Stop Being So...." its not a good feeling. In truth, it doesn't resolve anything either. The Ego Path keeps us on the path that continually goes around a circle with no beginning or end.

Then there is the Spiritual Path. Are you walking the Spiritual? Are your words and thoughts and positive? How is this working for you? Awesome, great. Are you telling yourself and whomever will listen "Life is Good" "I look and feel great today"; "this is an awesome, fabulous day", the weather is great, sunny and not to hot or cold", all the people I come in contact with today are for my greater good and my best interest". The Spiritual Path keeps us open minded, free flowing. 

You become what you think. What are you thinking today? What path are you choosing? You don't like the path you are on, change your thoughts and change your path. Have a great day. Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

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