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Facebook Live Videos (currently 30-day challenge) Great fun, informative, detailed talks. 

Inspiring you from the inside out or from the outside in, taking the "ME" time

#1 Shaping Up
#2 What is Sfotg & LisaOnTheGo?
#3 L.I.D.E. (Leedy) label it, identify it, describe the emotion
#4 Valentine's Day, Birthday & ME Day
#5 PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), ALEG (Abnormal Liver Enzyme Gene) & Living Today 
#6 Drama & Stories What to do?
#7 Time Off from Life
#8 Guiding You on Your Path
#9 Defense to an Emotional Attack
#10a Ego Mind vs Spiritual Heart
#11b Ego vs Heart
#12 What is Spiritually Awakening?
#13 Diagnosis of an illness? Taking Care of Yourself and Meeting YOUR needs with guest Ondreah Johnson
#14 Focus
#15 Laughing Yoga with guest Edie Weinstein
#16 You're not Your Weight
#17 Walk & Talk with Mr. Tucker
#18 One Person Could Affect Your Life and You Could Affect Others Too and Not Know It
#19 When do you know enough is enough?
#20 Are you a Drama Magnet? What is a Drama Magnet and what could you do?
#21 Changing others
#22 Perseverance 
#23 Path To Heal With Joanna Chodorowska
#24 Lessons That Affected My Life Today
#25 What Is Anger? Is There A Purpose To Anger? How To Cope With Someone Else’s Anger
#26 Are You Done With A Relationship And Still In It?
#27 Lisaonthego Show What Creatures Have Crossed Your Path? What Does This Mean?
#28 The People Closest To You Are Important That Aren’t Family? Why
#29 The people closest to You Are Important That Aren't Family? Why?
#30 What are your Superpowers?
#31 Inspiring Others with Patricia Gallagher
#32 How to find your Inner Peace
#33 What is Guided Meditation with Beth Brotz
#34  EFT Tapping with Jessica Ortner = Emotional Freedom Technique#35 What is Mercury Retrograde? How could this Affect You?
#35 What is Mercury Retrograde? How could this Affect You?

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DIAGNOSED WITH AN ILLNESS? HAVING SYMPTOMS, in treatment, STRESSED, ANXIETY;  We are here to help with tools and activities. Yoga classes, listen to: Guided Meditations, Inspired Speakers, A Course in Miracles lessons, LISAonthego blog

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