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Live Videos that started with a 30 Day Challenge and continued to LisaOnTheGo Show.

These videos are great fun, informative, detailed talks about everyday life and talking about how I do it. I am different than most people and have much life experience that could help you.

You inspire me to Empower you.

Inspiring you from the inside out or from the outside in, taking the "ME" time. Pamper the one you love, YOU.

#1 Shaping Up
#2 What is Sfotg & LisaOnTheGo?
#3 L.I.D.E. (Leedy) label it, identify it, describe the emotion
#4 Valentine's Day, Birthday & ME Day
#5 PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), ALEG (Abnormal Liver Enzyme Gene) & Living Today 
#6 Drama & Stories What to do?
#7 Time Off from Life
#8 Guiding You on Your Path
#9 Defense to an Emotional Attack
#10a Ego Mind vs Spiritual Heart
#11b Ego vs Heart
#12 What is Spiritually Awakening?
#13 Diagnosis of an illness? Taking Care of Yourself and Meeting YOUR needs with guest Ondreah Johnson
#14 Focused Is This Important? Why?
#15 Laughing Yoga with guest Edie Weinstein
#16 You're not Your Weight
#17 Walk & Talk with Mr. Tucker
#18 One Person Could Affect Your Life and You Could Affect Others Too and Not Know It
#19 When do you know enough is enough?
#20 Are you a Drama Magnet? What is a Drama Magnet and what could you do?
#21 Can you Change Others?
#22 Perseverance 
#23 Path To Heal With Joanna Chodorowska
#24 Lessons That Affected My Life Today
#25 What Is Anger? Is There A Purpose To Anger? How To Cope With Someone Else’s Anger
#26 Are You Done With A Relationship And Still In It?
#27 What Creatures Have Crossed Your Path? What Does This Mean?
#28 The People Closest To You Are Important That Aren’t Family? Why
#29 What is Guided Meditation? by Beth Brotz
#30 What are your Superpowers?
#31 Inspiring Others with Patricia Gallagher
#32 How to find and be in your Inner Peace
#33 Does Weather Affect Us? How?
#34  EFT Tapping with Jessica Ortner = Emotional Freedom Technique
#35 What is Mercury Retrograde? How could this Affect You?
#36 Mr. Tucker Playing 
#37 Teens and Parents need each other for Today's March Gun Control
#38 Traditional times with family/friends and how to get along Easter & Passover this weekend.
#39 Office Chair Yoga
#40 What is A Course in Miracles? Come read the Introduction
#41 Who do Family/Friends Remain Talking to in a Divorce? LisaOnTheGo Show

#42 What is Reacting vs Responding?
#42 Guest Speaker Robert Evans Wilson Jr? We talked about life, miracles and achieving what you want in your life 
#44 Lisa does Chair Yoga with Kate Curran, Come Join Us
#45 Processing Life Lesson
#46 Cultivating your Life this Spring
#47 Responding & Processing Life
#48 Climbing the Mountain & Healing You
#49 Some Different Spiritual Modalities
#50 Are you Selfish or Sell-Fish? When is it Good and when is it not?
#51 Showing Up, Guided Moments, What is an Empath?
#52 New Information on Past Drama and Stories, Healing
#53 Lisa does Office Chair Yoga with Kate Curran, Come Join Us
#54 Momentum
#55 Forgiveness
#56 When do You and Others Matter?
#57 Are you Feeling Sad? Others Making You feel Insignificant? Depressed? Anxiety?

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