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GuidedMeditationOnTheGo Is fun and easy! Just listen, visualize the scene/picture to what is being said by the meditator. Focus on the scene/picture being described. When you hear or see your thoughts try to pay no attention to these thoughts and see them go by, relax and this is known as meditating. Sounds easier than it is, good luck!

Here is the list of meditation and with whom is leading, click on the leader and the meditations and biographies are there own page. Thank you and have a great experience.

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Blogs, videos & insights from top leaders in Yoga & Guided Meditation along with Inspirational Speakers & a Course In Miracles.

The complete list of meditations is on the leaders page along with biographies. To view videos you MUST BE REGISTERED ... it is Free to Join!


  • ROSEBUD – A journey of symbolisms within the chakra system; assisting in removal of blockages and self-understanding.
  • SUITCASE – A journey through releasing emotional baggage.
  • GRATITUDE – Incorporates the principles of gratefulness and its connection to the love-fear cycle.
  • HORSE– Surrendering control and trust.

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