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Changing Others

Changing Others? (youtube video of the blog at the end of the page, excluding Laura Fontane's Facebook Live Talk) Changing Others? Could you make someone else change? LISAonthego says no. For her to change is by her own will. This is accomplished by a...

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LISAonthego, What Triggers YOU?

LISAonthego, What Triggers YOU? What is a trigger? For LISAonthego it is a negative feeling that sparks into her deepest core of who she is. It reminds her of not being good enough, and she is feeling alone or separate. Then she reacts or...

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NEWSLETTER August 2017

                             OPEN your heart, RELAX your body, and EASE your thoughts                         Tools and Activities to be and feel our best.   EMPOWER ME to Inspire You   Tools and Activities are for the whole you (MIND, BODY, SPIRIT)  ...

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Obesity Crisis

Obesity Crisis? Think Again: 'There is no obesity crisis' (YOUTUBE video below the LISAonthego's blog), it's awesome, detailed, informative and makes sense.   Fun Kit LISAonthego's feels the word obesity is being misused today. For this blog, she is...

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What’s Your Addiction?

What's Your Addiction? We all have addictions. Some we stop, some stop and start again and some we do daily. What are your addictions? Addictions speak to us. The ego chatter mind tells us again and again why we do what we do. Drinking, smoking, eating, exercising,...

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Loved One Passed Away

Loved One Passed Away     (Youtube video below of text) Loved one passed away family, friend, colleague etc. this is part of life. It’s not easy because we are here to process the loss. Remembering the love, memories, what they meant to us, how they influenced our...

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