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Changing Others, LisaOnTheGo Blogger

Changing Others? LisaOnTheGo Blogger (youtube video of the blog at the end of the page, excluding Laura Fontane's Facebook Live Talk) Changing Others? Could you make someone else change? LISAonthego says no. For her to change is by her own will. This is...

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Play Day Today, LisaOnTheGo Blogger

Play Day Today, LisaOnTheGo Blogger UPDATE: Wow, This works! If you would have told LisaOnTheGo this could work, she would have replied are you kidding me? This is a playday to have fun and learn about you. Wow, this is truly amazing and what she wanted in her heart....

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LisaOnTheGo Blogger – Food vs Taste

LISAonthego Blogger - Food vs Taste LISAonthego Food vs Taste – Do you eat for the taste or to fulfill the feeling in the stomach? Is it hunger you experience or the taste you require? LisaOnTheGo has worked at shaping up and changing her eating habits in...

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Are you Rigid? LisaOnTheGo Blogger

  Are you Rigid? LisaOnTheGo Blogger YOUTUBE video below the text, come read, watch or listen     Are you Rigid? LisaOnTheGo Blogger LisaOnTheGo's Definition of Rigid – Not being flexible, refusing to change or adapt to other ways. In retrospect, the attitude is “I am...

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Anger Helpful? LisaOnTheGo Blogger

Anger Helpful? LisaOnTheGo Blogger What does anger get you? Do you get to be right? Do you get to speak your thoughts loudly so others hear you? Do you keep your anger in, not express it and feel ill? Do you feel on fire? Here is another question; what...

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Stories, LisaOnTheGo Blogger

Stories, LisaOnTheGo Blogger (Come read, listen or watch LISAonthego Stories Blog, below) Stories, LisaOnTheGo Blogger. LisaOnTheGo is so good at telling stories in her mind. You know the continuous stories with all the glories and emotions. How about you?...

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