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LISAonthego Affirmations

LISAonthego Affirmations (Come read, watch or listen) definition of Affirmation: It's a statement of being done, intentions of words Affirmations are the wants we want in your life. LISAonthego has learned affirmations are important for her. She started saying...

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Featured Free Videos

FEATURED VIDEOS FREE: YOGA, INSPIRED SPEAKERS & MEDITATIONS Scroll down and click on your favorite video. Have fun and enjoy! Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego Yoga  Kate Curran – Chair Yoga, Benefits - Good alignment, increasing circulation, eliminating...

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Past Impact You?

Past Impact You? (below the text is a video to watch or listen too) Past impact you? Some say yes and some say no. The no answer is those that have the mental attitude the past is done, it’s gone and over. The past serves no purpose it was what it was and its done....

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LISAonthego Wait, Your Weight UPDATE

LISAonthego Wait, Your Weight UPDATE Wait! Your Weight? Wait! Your, weight is not who you are? LISAonthego, how many times have you been judged on your weight? Often, LISAonthego says her weight is not who she is; she is so much more. Our weight could be lifelong,...

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Does Your Energy Affect Others?

Does Your Energy Affect Others? LISAonthego says yes and more than she realized too. Our feelings project into our energies. It’s like you had a big argument with someone, you just stopped yelling and someone walks into the room. That person knows something isn’t...

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BAJAU People video by UNB Facts

BAJAU People video by UNB facts LISAonthego finds this short video fascinating and loves learning other cultures. These people live in huts on the water; and houseboats for their lives also a distance from land. LISAonthego starts to ponder this culture and is...

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LISAonthego SHAPE UP #Wellness & Preventive, Feeling great and want to join us great, love to have you! Diagnosed with an illness? Having symptoms? In treatment? Stressed? Having anxiety to life? We are here for you! What is Shaping Up? LISAonthego Shape Up  =...

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