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Drama and Stories

Drama and Stories We all have drama and stories its part of being human and nothing we could do to stop it. What could we do about the drama and stories? As the drama is going through the process we could take a time out, calm down and L.I.D.E. This helps so we aren’t...

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Perseverance!!! (youtube video below text) Perseverance for LISAonthego is running an obstacle course, you keep going even with the obstacles coming forth. Why? Because, eventually you persevere where you are to be. In addition, on this path, choices are being made...

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Heart is Singing & Your Defensive

Heart Singing & Your Defensive What? Your heart is singing and you are being defensive in the same moment. What? What does this mean? Really? How does this happen? LISAonthego attended a Path to Heal group session by phone today and this issue arose. She has been...

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Your Life, What’s Next?

(YouTube Video Below text) Your Life, What's Next? What’s Next in your Life? LISAonthego says you are the star in your life. Make your life. Yes, with all the challenges we face in a day to day. Think about what, what truly matters right here, right now in this...

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LISAonthego Changing Others?

LISAonthego Changing Others? Can you change how people feel about you? (Youtube video below text) LISAonthego Changing Others? LISAonthego can you change how people feel about you? LISAonthego believes maybe, however they feel what they feel. Also, she thinks it...

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Are you Rigid?

  Are you Rigid? YOUTUBE video below the text, come read, watch or listen     LISAonthego's Definition of Rigid – Not being flexible, refusing to change or adapt to other ways. In retrospect, the attitude is “I am so right”.! They are some rigid schedules for...

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Focused? Is this Important? Why?

Focused? Is this important? Why? Focused? Is this important? Why? LISAonthego says yes. What is being focused? To give one's attention, thoughts and concentration to another, example: a project, relationship, subject in school etc. This blog is about having a...

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Are You Selfish or Sell-Fish?

Are You Selfish or Sell-fish? Selfish – LISAonthego’s definition – taking care of your daily needs Sell-fish- LISAonthego’s definition – your daily care is all about you LISAonthego says we all need to be selfish in our lives but how far is your selfishiness?...

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What is Spiritual Awakening?

What is Spiritual Awakening? Updated What is spiritual awakening? Two years ago LISAonthego was out and came home with hives in one location. She looked up the spiritual meaning of hives and the location and was put to the spiritual awakening urls.   Spiritual...

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Play Day Today

Play Day is Today This game is awesome on those tough days of not feeling well or life’s challenges or just love the game and play daily. It was suggested to have a play day, LISAonthego is open for suggestions, sounded fun and said let’s go. She tweaked it to...

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