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SpiritualFitnessontheGo OPEN your heart, RELAX your body, EASE your thoughts ABOUT US   TAKE A Yoga Class, LISTEN To An Inspired Speaker, PARTICIPATE In A Guided-Meditation, READ A LISAonthego BLOG,   LEARN A Daily Lesson with A Course In Miracles;...

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What is Anger? LISAonthego

What is Anger? LISAonthego What is anger? LISAonthego feels it as an intense emotion in the gut. The body reacts. It could shake, get a knot in the stomach, bring up more emotions and the ego chatter mind talks and talks, we could also cry, yell and the...

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Perfect Life?

Perfect Life? Perfect Life? LISAonthego who has a perfect life? In who’s opinion? LISAonthego says no one has a perfect life and most people want to tell you what is wrong with you because they think they know. Isn’t that a domino effect. Maybe your past...

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Not Feeling Well?

Not Feeling Well? We all have a day when we are not feeling well. Are you having one of those days, not feeling well? LISAonthego is not feeling well today. On these days when not feeling well what bothers her is the way her mind thinks. It...

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The Candle is Lit

The Candle is Lit  For safety, health, and peace in Puerto Rico and Las Vegas. Write an intention and lets set a different energy today. with LISAonthego  copyright 2017 Come check out FREE...

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I am me. LISAonthego loves who she is and likes who she is too. Sometimes we have one without the other. We could love and not like us and we could like and not love us. Finding the balance of both is finding your peace. This has been years of LISAonthego...

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Family vs Friends

FAMILY VS FRIENDS Family vs friends. LISAonthego says both play an important role in our lives. LISAonthego's family has given connections and a sense of belonging. It’s part of who she is. Her family has taught her traditions, foods she eats, habits,...

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Family Exclusion

Family Exclusion Family for this blog means Parents, Siblings, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins etc. Families are our best teacher for the good, bad and the ugly. They teach us about us what we are willing to put up with, change and or walk away. Walking away...

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